The Last Morsel

At a party or at a hotel, at least once we have glanced over people’s plates and an over filled plate is definitely not a pleasant sight.What grabs your attention is a beautifully arranged plate.Similarly don’t over fill your life with tasks and duties that don’t need your attention or just because someone is too glad to pass it to you.Make your choices!

What do you see?

I almost stopped myself from describing a kid’s appearance as a kid with disformed lips…and I was ashamed of myself for doing what I was about to do…!!  This incident made me wonder and yearn for answers.Answer to the question, “what do you know me as” ? A woman, a girl, a mother, someone’s daughter […]


via Daily Prompt: Fragrance Your fragrance still lingers around in the room! Every time I cook a meal,the fragrance from the pot reminds me of you staring at me,motionless! The way you tilted your head when I called out your name, Even though you weren’t allowed on my bed, you still happened to share my […]

Him Vs Me.

​Fuming and exhausted I sat on  the sofa chair, after my face off with him…something that became our regular routine. I didn’t know what made me more angry, that he didn’t listen to me or that I failed to attract his attention!! The next moment he was there in my arms, saying sorry! These were […]

Happiness is…..

Happiness is…seeing my toddler happy. Happiness is….watching your child grow into a wonderful human being. Happiness is…being able to fulfil your parents wishes. Happiness is…time spent with your siblings. Happiness is….reliving nostalgic memories with your buds. Happiness is…a hug from someone you love and care. Happiness is ….a phone call from a long lost friend. […]

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