What do you see?

I almost stopped myself from describing a kid’s appearance as a kid with disformed lips…and I was ashamed of myself for doing what I was about to do…!! 

This incident made me wonder and yearn for answers.Answer to the question, “what do you know me as” ?

A woman, a girl, a mother, someone’s daughter or someone’s wife.

You’d describe me to someone as, “that fair girl,  straight hair, loud voice, slightly overweight etc. etc”.

Funny isnt it, how we are known for our looks and relationships we make/create and not for who we are.People do take our names but what if someone doesn’t recall who you are, they generally give references of your looks which I guess is a universal way of describing someone.

What amuses me is people directly jump to describe flaws, esp. for people with disabilities.I’m sure you have heard people talk about a certain person, describing them as a person with probably a squinted vision,  someone who stammers, someone who limps, someone who is autistic, someone with a burn mark on their body…someone with something or the other,  something that doesn’t make them perfect in your eyes!

Why can’t we look at these people or rather say everyone, as someone who is excellent at a particular task, say someone who is an incredible leader, someone with great time management skills, with great sense of humour, someone who cooks lipsmacking meals, someone who sings or dances exceptionally well, someone with great photography or public speaking skills.There is immense amount of talent that goes unnoticed, unmentioned!!

There is tremendous positivity around to soak your  spirit into, yet we go after what’s incomplete, what’s not perfect.

You will always find flaws with someone or something until you don’t learn to appreciate the goodness in life.

Some of us are choosing varied professions despite coming from divergent backgrounds.

The ones with a difference,  know how to respect, its the ones with similarities need to learn how!!

Positivity is like a boomerang…it will come back to you!! 

#AchiSoch #BadiSoch


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