Year: 2017

Musings of a wandering mind.

She turned demure from  her effervescent  self! She always looked at her worries as something ephemeral. She hoped for something enchanting to mesmerize her soul again.To each of them, their daily chores seemed imbricated.The lassitude of monotony took over their felicity. Phew!! That was some great choice of words  up there…most of these words have […]

Share your story.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and for  that matter even my blog page asks me, to share my story with them!!  Ahh haan!! Before a tech geek jumps out and tells me that’s how the app is designed and goes blah blah, let me tell you that having worked with computer systems, apps and various other  gadgets […]

Seek truth!l

Terms of endearment that don’t mean anything, is what the RJ had said while she sat there listening to her favorite radio channel. To her everything had narrowed down to just definitions without any meanings. The song that played afterwards was also one of her favorite, but nothing seemed right to her, nothing was going […]

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