Seek truth!l

Terms of endearment that don’t mean anything, is what the RJ had said while she sat there listening to her favorite radio channel. To her everything had narrowed down to just definitions without any meanings. The song that played afterwards was also one of her favorite, but nothing seemed right to her, nothing was going to justify the current situation in her life. The puzzle pieces didn’t seem to fit no matter how desperately she tried, the harder she tried, the more, it all fell apart.

Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke, phir tune badli kyu ada!! These were the part of the lyrics of the song that played while she tried to push away all the thoughts that made her vision darker, she wanted to reach to the ray of light that came through a small opening, the tiny lit path that could take her away from all that she was witnessing. It was like watching a re-run of a horror episode that she saw as a child.

All the songs on the radio allied with what was happening in front of her. How can someone not value all the struggles someone makes for them, the altruistic efforts that are made to ensure your happiness, your success, your progress, everything that relates to you? Only the efforts are someone else’s’!!

Yes people disagree, yes people have different thoughts and perspectives about things, and yes you are allowed to have different preferences too. We were made differently; we are all different individuals, beings with different souls. If you lay some thought on our biological formation, we all have one important organ that controls everything that we do, our brain, which is made with a purpose to send signals, to think and off course to distinguish the right from the wrong.

 Ah well, now if you want to talk about the heart, it too has emotional credentials which stop a person from doing wrong to the other considering how you or they will feel about it. I’m sure this seems like a lecture right out of a science class where different body parts are described, however only if people understood their purpose, had the basic sense of discerning the right from wrong, good from the bad, fair from the unfair, then our lives would be simpler, we would be happier, our troubles less, our souls healthier and no relations would be lost.

Just the way the world expects children to be grateful, show love and respect to their parents/ elders, the world expects partners to be respectful to each other, be it in terms of a business, profession, love or a marriage. If you can’t be honest in a relationship, then you can’t be honest in anything else.

Honesty links to other traits too, but if you haven’t learnt to be honest, then you can’t learn to be anything else! Honesty, faith and respect are a forever thing so it’s either now or never.

If you are already living a lie, then you can’t expect the world to be ingenuous to you and if you have always blurted out the truth, like me, then you have nothing to fear.

Deception is a tricky thing, look again, it could be you trapped in your own felony!!


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