Book Review – One Girl Many Lives

Have you ever picked a book and took days to finish it only because each page left you intrigued? We’ve all looked at a picture or a painting and wondered what is behind it or tried to decipher the hidden meaning in it. Well, something similar can be said about the book, One Girl Many Lives written by five different authors, published by Jimpify Publishing. I have always been someone who has looked for a little bit of myself in a book or movie and if you are like me, then this book is something you must read.
One Girl Many Lives is a beautiful piece of written art that simply has a girl running on the beach on its cover but holds five different perspectives throughout the book, set in different time zones and places. Each story is a beautiful amalgamation of the authors’ thoughts and is as unique as the fingerprint of humans.
The first story begins amazingly depicting the life of a young girl living in a haveli in Lahore and the way it goes onto describe the hardships faced by her during the India-Pakistan partition is sure to cause a lump in your throat. From losing every single member of the household to constantly keep going just to save your existence, this story brings to life the ruckus and troubles people went through during those unfortunate times.
The pandemic has left us emotionally and financially challenged and the second story talks about how far can one go to ensure the safety and well-being of their loved ones. A story about the Anti-Tamil riots in Sri Lanka in the year 1983 brings to light the ugly truth behind civil wars and communal riots.
We all pride ourselves in being millennials and Gen Z but walking into the new millennium was no cakewalk and bought with it a heap of problems for this couple who lived in New York. The third story talks about the financial burden and problems that this couple has to battle. Were they able to financially overcome the issues that shook the globe?
Ever wondered what life would be like if you discovered you were the heir or heiress to some ancient treasure. Sounds exciting right? Well, everything that sounds fancy and amazing isn’t always what meets the eye and something similar happens to this Madrid Woman who meets an Indian in an ashram in recent times and discovers that she is the princess of the French monarchy. You must read the book to unfold what happens next.
We all want to travel to the future and unveil all the mysteries and find all the answers we are looking for. But do people find everything that they are in search of in the fifth story? It is a story about a family of astronauts with a futuristic plot set in 2135. With so much technology and development, is the future bleak or bright? Will their lives turn out how they imagined or is there a mishap awaiting them even in the future?
All the stories have been titled aptly and a pleasurable read. The best part about this book is that it takes you by surprise and keeps you hooked till the end. One Girl Many Lives, is a book about, love, loss, hope, relationships and so much more is sure to entice your brain and you can see the girl on the cover moving through these different stories in the book. Buy it here

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