This is what mothers want to hear!

A blogger friend is doing a series of videos about, what mothers want, and trust me they are very useful. I can confidently say that the products she’s listed out in her videos are indeed quintessential ones for mothers. This got me thinking that why as a society or world in general, we find it so hard to figure out what mothers want, need, or are experiencing. As a parent, who is close to eight years in her motherhood journey, on very rare occasions have people really been able to figure out my feelings.

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Social media is full of information. Some of it comes from experts, and some of it comes from people who just want attention on social media. There is so much knowledge everywhere about babies, motherhood, health, and wellness, etc. This is precisely one of the reason’s why I am off my Instagram grid these days. But then, someone has to speak up about what they feel and think every now and then. It’s really not so tough to understand what mothers want.

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Read here how an average day looks like in the life of a mom

What mothers really want and should be told?

As a mother, there are and will be many days when you want to not be responsible for anyone when you want to do nothing and just sit by yourself. Believe me, it’s absolutely ok to feel that way. Additionally, this statement coming from someone who likes to work as per hands of the clock, it is really ok. So the next time someone asks you what do moms really want to know, you should probably tell them this:

  • God built everyone differently, with unique skills and experience. Hence, you cannot be perfect and that’s totally fine.
  • From someone who looses her patience after counting till 3, its simply ok when we mothers want to yell and scream sometimes. Just make sure, you explain why you did so later. May be this will help you in doing so- Read it here
  • Ordering meals is also fine, you simply got to balance it with the healthy. Moms, it’s really that easy.
  • We talk so much about me time for mothers, it’s about time, you really indulged in it. It could simply be just 10 mins all by yourself in the washroom too.
  • Except for sitting beside my son for his math class this morning, I did nothing at all. And, I am not guilty for it. So, my dear friend, its ok to not do anything sometimes.
  • Screen time is indeed a devil in cloak but some amount of it is always permissible. Plus you can always turn it into positive screen time too.
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We as mothers, parents, and caretakers, are so accustomed to doing things perfectly and being granted approval, that we forget that it’s ok to falter. We are all trying to raise emotionally strong kids, but if we are burdened emotionally, we will never be able to do so. So while we may all want to do additional things with our kids, we need to understand that we are not running a race against anyone. Each child is unique, each mother is different and everyone’s journey has its own beauty. Yes, we as mothers, may need guidance, need help, need advice too, but what we really want to know, is that it’s ok to not be perfect.

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