Parenting and motherhood go beyond just cooking favorite meals.

Not a day goes by when I don’t feel like I am speaking through a giant loudspeaker. Well, that is the side effect of having intercourse without protection – your children. I know I will probably get shunned by the moral police mafia over making this cheesy remark. Hence, it’s best to switch my conversation to something else. There is something about motherhood, no matter where we are or what role we are playing, our world literally revolved around our children. Right from the time they are out of the womb to the time they have children of their own. Every decision is we make has their well-being in mind. Additionally, no matter how much we try and bridge the gap between different roles of parenting, there still is an interlude, that is often tough to fill.

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How Society Perceives Us Parents?

Certain groups of society consider working mothers as contributors of wealth but often stay-at-home moms need to juggle various tasks to feel more confident about their customary regime. People tend to forget that mothers play multiple roles of being a chef, teacher, nurse, and so much more despite what they do.

It’s surprising to see these roles not being given enough credit despite their importance. People at large underrate motherhood. People expect mothers to ace everything right from day one. And even the few who understand that parents have other jobs besides parenting, are quick enough to judge. I haven’t read the bestselling book by Mark Manson yet over the years, I have learned a few tips and tricks that help me filter the unsolicited advice and ignore the glares against my ripped jeans.

Yet, the other day when my son was asked about his mother’s profession, he instantly said, cooking and being in the kitchen. It left me flabbergasted. I wondered, whether my career aspirations meant nothing to him. The sleepless nights and days trying to write held no meaning to my image and professional virtue of being a content writer, blogger, and entrepreneur.

How we made parenting chores seem important?

Here’s what I did the next day, his dad and I listed all our chores for the day. The little boy is currently prepping for his forthcoming online exams, so we decided to test his math. We asked him to allot five points to each chore and add it up. We asked him to list his chores too. And, no points for guessing who won. Daddy dearest too had a tie with mommy because he doesn’t shy away from taking over motherhood chores.

Lockdown or no lockdown, work from home or for home, over seven years of parenting, we have tried hard to balance gender neutral parenting, equal parenting and respecting everyone’s roles. It’s not perfect every day, we all have our moments when each of us could clearly win an Oscar for our mood swings. Nonetheless, we hustle, we talk, we fight, we love and ask for support. Motherhood and parenting is life long job and the same goes for our children. Actually it’s a role of loop.

For now, I’m just sipping my cuppa tea. I am also thinking of the time, my son will walk up to me and tell me, “Mumma, it’s no joke being a parent.” And no one catches my silly grin.

Adios Amigos. I hope you get to have warm tea, warm food, a good shower and if you hit the jackpot, maybe you’ll have a few alone minutes to yourself as well.

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