A day in the life of a boy mom looks like this!

Life as a mom is adventurous and full of surprises however life as a boy mom is twice the more fun, amazing, and even challenging! When I found out I was pregnant, I wondered if I too would have twins just like my mom and my aunt. However, I ended up having only one fetus, and boy 7 years into motherhood, I totally salute and have huge respect for parents who have more than one kid. Motherhood, like I always say is one giant, never-ending roller-coaster ride.


As much as I highly support gender equality and raising gender-equal kids, I sometimes cannot stop wondering if being a girl mom would have been any different than being a boy mom. While I do see boy moms rolling their eyes and nodding their heads in unison, I want to reiterate the fact that life as a boy mom is literally like standing at the edge of the cliff. 

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Keeping the cheeky remarks aside, I must say that all, we mothers want at the end of the day is for our babies to be healthy and safe at all times. Additionally, when I carry my little newborn niece in my arms and move about the house, I cannot but marvel at how her habits are so similar to that of my son. That being said, a day in my life as a boy mom has some really wonderful upsides. Let’s take a look at some of them


Our house is full of Minifigures!

Yes, you heard that right. Literally, one entire wall mounting shelf is full of Avenger, DC Heroes, and various other Minifigures. We even have Football Minifigures and collecting them never pauses. We are constantly scouting amazon, local shops, watching YouTube videos, and checking other online stores to see where and how can we expand our Minifigure collection. 

I have more footballs in my house than I have any other toy or books. 

As an avid reader once upon a time, I had always dreamt of having a library. And, of course, a little comfortable chair where I could sit all day and read and write. But, hello, who gets to sit when you are a mom. His passion for football got us collecting not only footballs but also different kinds of sports balls over the last 7 years. The side effect is that now I am too emotional to get rid of them. 

We are hoarders be it football kits, cardboard boxes, or any box that has spiderman on it

Yes!! Thank you for showing empathy to my plight but this is true. Well, some boxes I hoard because they are pretty and some are meant to be used for a craft activity but everything else gets hoarded by the boy because it either has a football player on it or an avenger or spiderman on it. 

As a boy mom, myy phone is no longer mine. 

Yes, a boy mom, or mom to kids in this era, the struggle for screen time is really real. I am totally against getting him a phone of his own before he is 13. However, I do let him indulge in screen time on my phone or laptop. Well, you know what this means right? I mean that you have continuous requests for downloading a game or listening to music. What do I do, well as any other parent, I simply juggle between a yes and a no?

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You have important lessons to impart

From teaching him the real meaning of being masculine or a feminist to teaching him about prayer, worship, and respecting all religions, as a boy mom, I some very important lessons to impart. From watching every step of his to set the right examples for him to follow, every day the both of us learn and unlearn something new.


Life as a boy mom is precious. 

Whether it’s constant requests to be fed or non-stop conversations about something or the other. Whether it’s reading sessions, singing sessions, drawing stuff for him to color, my life as a boy mom couldn’t be any more precious. From being showered with kisses every day without asking for them to being constantly told that I am loved, I absolutely adore every passing minute with my little boy. 


Honestly, I could probably write a big and lengthy narration of how each day is different with this little human. There are days when I scream my lungs out and then there are days when I drown in mom’s guilt. There are days when all I want to do is to snuggle with my little poochi boo but above everything else, I want time to freeze so that I can live each moment of my life as a boy mom for a little longer. 

This blog is part of a blogging series known as BlogchatterAtoZ. Keep watching this space for next in the series about life as a boy mom.

4 thoughts on “A day in the life of a boy mom looks like this!

  1. I am so glad you can relate. Oh, I am sure you will reach the action figure phase or it would be lego or something else. Lol

  2. Well said. The only thing I replace is the footballs with cricket balls and bats. Otherwise, my house and my feelings are almost the same

  3. I am a boy mom too and can definitely relate to the collection of different types of balls. Haven’t reached the action figure phase yet

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