Let them be little for a little while longer!


Every Child Is Unique – Picture Prompt #BlogALeague 

“Don’t ask him to live in your world, visit his world instead”.

My child is unique, different and the best, thinks every mother. Soon the society begins to give names to these children. They begin first by categorizing them through their looks. Soon they are categorized by their built, later on by their religion and career choices and so on and so forth.

When I looked at this picture the first thought that popped up into my head was, that how wonderfully these kids are climbing the walls of a building. They are all of different shapes and sizes but the fear of falling, being unsuccessful doesn’t worry them at all. They are simply out there to have fun and may be even, are having a small competition to see who wins.  They are not even worried if the building is rusted or if the walls have cobwebs. This only re-iterates the fact that children are innocent and have an untainted view of the world.

What if these kids were not climbing walls but were instead finding a place to hide. They are trying to stay out of the way from the judgmental views that the society has about them. They are trying to steer clear from the many eyes that are constantly watching them. The pillars and the walls of the building are source of escape for them.

As parents we seldom bury our heads in sand over issues that could be trivial for our kids. We have preset guidelines on how our kids should behave and what they should achieve. We read, we write, we share often about various ways of parenting but we rarely discuss the various ways of childhood. Ways in which kids were allowed to explore many prospects of being a child.

We expect our children to be scatheless and confident all at once. Did you know that without failure success has no meaning? Did you know that without injuries there is no healing process? Did you know that something would become clean only after it has gotten dirty?

A small poem that sums up my thoughts about how kids should be allowed to experience unfiltered babyhood.

I bought you into the world and made you mine.

Soon we began running a race against time.

I noted down every moment, every milestone you achieved,

In every decision of mine, in me you believed.

Soon I looked at the outside world and yearned for more

The heap of expectations rose and so did our daily chores

You sometimes resisted and I sometimes detested!

Our opinions on certain days seemed be in some sort of a war

Drifting apart wasn’t a choice, because you were still my shiniest star

We talked and discussed about our journey and roles

We played with sand and took tiny strolls

Built little castles again and wished on shooting stars

Laughed at our mistakes and cheered in loud voices again

Motherhood and babyhood were each other’s Zen

You will always stay the boy I love a little more

Because it is my heart, that your tiny hands stole!!

– Sabiha

This post is written for #BlogALeague with RuchiDipikaCharu and Preetjyot

6 thoughts on “Let them be little for a little while longer!

  1. Hey Thank you for linking up, glad to read this beautiful piece of writing. Let them be little and love them a little more, before they really grow up from our laps.

  2. This is so so well-written. Beautiful interpretation of the prompt. You are right. Kids aren’t judgemental nor they fear failure. Usually it is our or society’s expectations that make them draw categories. Absolutely loved the poetic piece you have written. 👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks for participating 😊

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