Book Review: Why Can’t Elephants Be Red?

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There is something about children’s books! They are cute and interesting, and take you on a beautiful journey. It is no wonder that some of the best books are inspired by children themself because there is nothing that can compete with the thought process of children. It is amazing how in her first book, Vani Tripathi compares children to teachers. I couldn’t agree more because as a mother of two, some of the best and most meaningful life lessons I have learnt from my kids. They may not always have a logical answer to everything but they do have a rationale behind it, and it adds a completely new perspective to things. Vani Tripathi’s book, Why Can’t elephants be red? Which is dedicated to the actions and thoughts of the author’s little daughter Akshara or Akku will make you smile all through this children’s booAs adults, we have a lot to say to children, instil values in them, and try to teach them a zillion things. However seldom, do we appreciate the power of their imagination. In her book, Why Can’t elephants be red? Vani tries to bring to light how children are better equipped at handling situations with ease when compared to adults. It’s heart-warming to read how the imagination of these little humans is free of any shackles, preconceived notions or societal barriers. From calling the security person bhaiyya to calling her brother bhaiyya, little Akku doesn’t differentiate between people. From knowing when to draw a line when it comes to feeding the fish to trying to fathom answers to her little questions, the book is a simple, yet delightful read.

Book Cover

Akku is a cute, smart, vibrant and imaginative girl. Besides being adventurous, she loves to draw, colour, scribble, feed the fish etc. Not to forget, her favourite food is soft khichdi and the omelette that is served with a yummy sauce. Her imagination runs a riot with unicorns that don’t have horns, crabs having moustaches, and elephant’s that are red. In short, the book highlights how fun the world can be when looked at through a child’s eye. The little pearls of wisdom shine all through the book, as cutie pie Akku takes you through her day-to-day activities. The book salutes the resilience, tolerance and understanding of little kids which is often taken for granted by adults. As a children’s book, Why can’t elephants be red? peppers stepping into the adulting world with wit and paying an ode to children’s imagination.

This children’s book very subtly explains how during the age of 2-3 years children’s creativity, interest, communication skills etc . bloom and it is vital to nurture them correctly. While the prominent message of the book is about keeping the imagination and innocence alive in kids. It is also a book that adults must read so that they can take a trip down memory lane. Visit their childhood, scoop up memories, and return with the confidence to dream, imagine, be creative and be resilient just like our little humans. Vani Tripathi Tikoo, who is an actor and a teacher, salutes this wonderful spirit in kids through, ‘Why can’t elephants be red?’, and urges adults to let go of the rigidness in thoughts. A wonderful book that is sure to fuel your imagination along the way. Buy this amazing read here

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