Being a boy mom is both tough and easy.

Thank you for all your love and appreciation for my last blog. Indeed, being a boy mom is not an easy job but we love our boys despite all their antics. These super little humans are super cute and so full of energy and madness, somehow have us wrapped around their little fingers.

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I wear my boy mom badge with full pride yet there are days when I wonder. I ponder over if I am raising a strong, responsible, and kind-hearted human. There are times when I get into a discussion or two with other moms who question my liberal thought process. Additionally, I also get frowned upon when I try and gender-neutralize things. I mean which rule or book says that boys don’t play with dolls, or they can’t wear pink or cry. It makes me angry when crying is related to being weak. Additionally, it is attached to being weak or being a girl. C’mon, boys and crying are as normal as people eating food when they are hungry. Subsequently, it’s alarming how so many parents even in this era want boys to only play with boys.

Stop generalizing boy behavior

Boys have a list of questions that need to be answered immediately.

There are questions that my little bundle of joy asks me and I am too glad to answer them. From being asked, if it’s ok to sit between girls to being told that, “Mumma you are so strong to go through labor.” It warms my heart to see my son who is barely seven marvels at the strength needed to be a mother and to deliver a child.

Moments like these warm my heart and soul. Certain days, there are times when I am forced to think about how being a boy mom is equally challenging. As a boy mom, I continue to fret over inculcating the right values. Worry about teaching him to respect not just girls but all genders. As parents, both husband and I normalize expression of emotions and speaking the truth at all times. Communication and listening are the keys, is what we believe strongly.

woman in blue and white plaid dress shirt carrying girl in white shirt

Life is a mix of fun and crazy with the boys.

Then there are moments that leave me into splits such as penis talks, poop, and fart jokes. I am sometimes baffled with the curiosity over lingerie, cleavage and god only knows whatnot. The plus point of being a boy mom is that shopping for them is really easy because all you need to pick between is jeans, shorts, t-shirts, shirts, PJs.  

With boys, you’ll find toys and pieces of toys literally everywhere

But then, if you think you have this easy wait for days when despite watching your foot, you will get poked by a piece of Lego. Somedays you will come home to a newly bought toy literally ripped apart into pieces. The new pair of shoes you just brought 3 months ago, your boy would have outgrown it or it would have been destroyed by being used more than just regularly.

photo of mother and child beside body of water

Television and food are synonymous. Every time my son in front of the TV, he would want lots of food. And it’s not just the junk that he would be after. He still wants either fruits or milkshakes because he knows that mommy would not give him any junk snack to eat.

You’ll find my son’s favorite pasta recipe here.

Boys are the sweetest

With having you wrapped around their little finger, they are the sweetest. From asking me if I am ok or if I have too much work to do or if I had a good day, they ask you the sweetest things. From being party to reading sessions, binge watching sessions, or simply snuggling in blankets, they do things that make your heart melt and make it squishier. Uff, boys, boys, and boys.

I sound like a nauseating, overly mushy boy mom, but that’s what I am. Being a boy mom is not easy, it is hard on some days, but being a boy mom is happiness, love, and what amazing looks like.

Also this blog post is part of the BlogChatter A2Z blogging series where I will be writing posts about being a mom to a boy.

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