They are watching you!!

Lazy, laidback, complacent!! These are all synonyms used best to describe your languid, post vacation mood!

Well, yes I did have a mini vacation, a long yearned vacation after 5 years! ( doing a victory dance right now) They say that after you are a mum, a vacation is not really a vacation because your chores remain the same only the destination changes, well fortunately for me even though the chores remained the same, I had my habitually better half and our little man who completes us two halves, cooperating more than usual on our mini happy getaway.

I did worry once in a while about being away from my blog world, I did think about not being able to learn anything new for a while now but then as I sat amazed in disbelief of the little man’s ability to repeatedly sing ad jingles that he just saw a few minutes ago!

I was astonished at how he could repeat dialogues from my favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S series right after joey and chandler had said them!

He remembers the jersey numbers of players he has randomly seen in his favorite football league matches and you can’t win an argument with him over the sports brand sponsors for various football clubs.

He is like our little lawyer, who will ensure, you recall every word you said or every action you took, agree to something you did and you dare not pass it off as, “Oh, I don’t remember it now”. Well, if you are lucky he will let you pass it off in exchange of some acrobatic stunts on your back or a bag full of kisses.

Gone are the days, when we could say, oh what does, he or she understand, they are just small children! Oh, don’t worry, he/she will not remember it anymore, they are so small.

A recent study published in a leading newspaper shed light on how this generation had a varied list of learners, 2 most prominent them of being visual and aural learners, which means, children learn through watching and hearing things!

They will observe your finest traits and point out your weirdest personas. The most loving one for me is when he kisses me right after I hurt myself, because that’s what I do to him when he accidentally hurts himself during one of his numerous, ongoing episodes of monkeying around!!

Yes, yes, children look at you and learn. Technology, schooling, media all are just mere mediums of education. The biggest and best lessons they learn will come from experiences and from you.

If you can’t be at your best behavior with them, that’s fine, it’s understandable; we have our, “out of my control days”, too, but don’t be at your worst behavior with them. Remember the saying, “practice what you preach”, well that must have been written for a child. So do what you want them to do!!


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