Musings of a wandering mind.

She turned demure from  her effervescent  self! She always looked at her worries as something ephemeral. She hoped for something enchanting to mesmerize her soul again.To each of them, their daily chores seemed imbricated.The lassitude of monotony took over their felicity.

Phew!! That was some great choice of words  up there…most of these words have been rated amongst the top 100 words in english language.

Funny isn’t it, how we have come to choosing  things  that are a trend.

Be it an electronic gadget, a fad diet, be it the top fashion trends, choosing  a healthy lifestyle, choosing a school and sometimes even a top rated career! 

Every choice is based on someone else’s choice. If I subtly put it, we fear doing  something that’s unique, we get engulfed with the “log kya kahenge syndrome”.

We all have tried and failed at something  or the other, given it a try again.Some of us have succeded and some  of us have failed again.A very recent detergent ad was doing the rounds on social media that laid focus on the difference between how adults  look at failure  and how children look at failure. A prominent message from the ad was that we adults, fear losing .

 Remember how we get back up after falling,  of course some wounds will make it harder, but you can’t always stay down  for the fear of falling again.

Raising a kid is not just about parenting  and teaching them the good values, its infact  more about learning from them.

Their kindness, innocence, ability  to find happiness  in the smallest of things and their never give up attitude, ( even if it means not taking ‘No’ for an answer) all, have a lesson or two for us to learn.

We often  say this  to people, ” the world is a small place”. I’d  say, life is even smaller and unpredictable and the planet  we live on is almost round ( scientifically). So what goes around, will  come around for sure.

You are the one who decides what comes back to you.



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