Share your story.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and for  that matter even my blog page asks me, to share my story with them!! 

Ahh haan!! Before a tech geek jumps out and tells me that’s how the app is designed and goes blah blah, let me tell you that having worked with computer systems, apps and various other  gadgets for over 10 years, I can proudly pronounce myself as a computer literate!! 

So coming back to the app wanting to know what’s my story, well dear app which story would you like to hear today?

The one where the prince marries a beautiful princess or the one where the good wins over the evil? 

Aren’t childhood stories all about conquering the unknown, being fearless, honest, kind and showing love and  respect. The latter we seem to have forgotten or seldom display, except to the chosen few.

We get all worked up and are ready to fight a battle if the person at an atm or at public service counter takes more than five minutes to finish their task. We speed past almost everyone, try to tread on whatever space available just to cross that red light 10 seconds earlier than the ones we left behind. Plagiarism too doesn’t make us guilty!!

We are almost at war with people who care for us over a small/big misunderstanding that we, find irrelevant to resolve, yet we never hesitate to chat up with a complete stranger on a social site! We can turn small issues into social,political,regional issues, yet we have unidiomatic views on issues that matter!

We seem to unknowingly create umpteen no. of stories in our lifetime, some we wish to tell and some are never to be spoken about!

My forever energetic toddler likes to squabble about his day at school while we are all cuddled up to fall asleep.He happened to tell me how a child pushes him everyday in school, to which I asked him to ask the child, to not push him.He said he will ask the teacher to do so, which seemed fair on certain occasions however I told him to ask the child to stop( signalling with his hand) and then ask him to not push my boy! Luckily the little big boy decided to do so when he is at school.Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! πŸ˜‰

So you see, like a lot of posts on these social sites which ask you to be your own Hero!! Be One!!

You gotta remember, superheros have responsibilities to fulfil and examples to set!! 

 On somedays don’t write your own story,  rather be someone the world is eagerly willing to write about.



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