The Drama Continues…

Who doesn’t love movies, we all do, the thrill, the romance, the humor, the charisma, the grandeur and the drama!! We have seen, heard, been a part of the herd that adore mainstream cinema and criticize any differential attempt of a debutant to bring forth an unconventional story. Why, because we just love the drama too much and as the locals say it, what’s life with a little bit “Tamasha”, in it.

Speaking of Tamasha, it reminds me of the movie with the same title which starred Ranbir Kapoor  and Deepika Padukone.In the movie, ranbir kapoor is an ardent fan of story telling/listening. His zeal for everything eccentric and avant-garde is what draws your attention towards the art of story-telling and being a keen listener.

Well, in my case I would rather refer to these people as spectators, just mere audiences who take in the joy of any misfortunate happening in the life of others. I am compelled to label them so based on my recent experience which had me and my overgenerous, kind hearted better half, interacting with the cops, running to a hospital and shelling out big bucks along with our extremely enthusiastic four year old all by ourselves. For our four year old, this was nothing less than an adventure and off course he had a new story to narrate to everyone he met that day.

I wasn’t amazed when dear patidev told me that one of his acquaintances called him two days after the incident, just to know what happened the other day. Dear hubby was rather surprised to know that this fervent well-wisher did see us on the road trying to handle the chaos that surrounded us however rather than trying to help us then, he decided to call us on a later day so that we could provide him with some quirky details to spice up his mundane day.

Oh C’mon, we all have done that haven’t we, seen a post on social media about a person who we seldom speak to who have been through a hapless situation. We immediately call them/message them for details and then float it across as many groups and people we know, beginning our statements with, “Tujhe pata hain kya hua”

Haan, mujhe pata hain kya hua, the point is “tumne kya kiya? Were you just a mere spectator to something or did you offer help.Its always easy to stand out there in the audience and watch the show, the difficulty lies in playing your part.Your part, of being a responsible, un-biased, indulgent, Human Being. I know it’s easy said than done, we all have responsibilities to fulfill and an additional one just makes the bag heavier! Most of us fear being dragged along with the drama however helping someone in need is always a good thing and isn’t being helpful one of the first lessons we learnt as a child.

Let’s limit the drama to soap operas and movies, that’s their job, lets ponder over ours!!



 Ps: I know a few of you will connect with me to know what happened, I promise not to judge you and share all details of the incident(pun intended) 😂😋😉

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