The day after my birthday

After a big bang surprise birthday party  where your dream comes true sooner than you ever had imagined,  comes a day, a feeling of gratitude, of being overwhelmed with a pool of emotions, a memory that would stay with you forever.

I had a book launch yesterday, something that I was unaware of, it’s a book that has all my blog posts. It’s  a easy to read, feel good book about random, unspoken, unnoticed or may be noticed yet ignored things  in life.

So now that I’m officially an author, I did have a few people ask me, since when am I writing, what inspires me to write? To answer that, sounds easy yet difficult to answer question, I’d  say everything and everyone inspires me to write.

It could  be the girl selling balloons with a cute smile  at the traffic signal and it could  also be the annoying  30mins waiting  at just one spot in the traffic signal.

It could again be the after thoughts of an emotional breakdown or watching someone grow, succeed, fall down, get up and start moving again.

It could be the selfless forever supportive, love of your mom, who introduced you to the language you can best express your  feelings in or it could be about the selfless, sometimes taken for granted efforts of the mom in law towards her children and everyone that she meets!

It could also be the endless moments of love, laughter, arguments and care between the loves of your life.

It sure can be about your love for a pet who you wished, you had a little more time with,  or about  friends who are far but not less than family!!

They can be stories of siblings, esp. about times  when you wished you had an option to pick who you wanted as your sibling!!

Whoa, the list is endless and it will always be! We write with a pen, in my case we write on the phone or the laptop using a word document. The stories  will always be about life in general.

Some are meant to transform you, some will make you ponder! Some you will relate to, some you will not!!

Your life is always filled with moments that can be written about, moments that stir up your soul!

We’ll always be busy, we will always have plenty of reasons to be!! You just have to stop for a moment and prioritize your list.

Keep moving

Keep reading

Keep writing



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