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I liked her post on facebook, where she tagged a dear friend in one of the memes to make her realise how there were some jokes that only they could understand!

He congratulated his buddy on their friendversary…facebook reminded him again of their friendship of 7 years!!

She posted a picture of her on roposso and instagram…she had over 1000 followers on each app…yet today she had no one to share her thoughts and a cup of coffee with!!

Been there, done that kind of situations right! Yes we live in a world where social media and technology is everything and now we even have adverts proving how important our smartphones are.

Im not challenging or denying the fact that our phones and certain apps help us cope with the fast pace of this ever growing, forever on the go, world.I’m just in a blank space now…wondering that if facebook didnt have reminders…if whatsapp didnt have groups how often would we have valued relationships.How often would we have picked up our phones to dial out soemone’s number asked about their well being.

I’m not asking you to attain salvation, I’m requesting you to look beyond your phone, there is a human beyond it.

I visited Haji Ali yesterday and what I saw made me smirk.People were clicking selfies inside the dargah instead of offering prayers.Its like telling god, “bro..wait, let me get a response on my looks, then I’ll come to you with my list of wishes”.

Social media is a good platform to promote your thoughts, a good platform to raise awareness and an even better platform to gather knowledge, considering that google has answers to almost everything.

You’ d be suprised at how the internet too wants you to stay in touch with your humane side.

Check this for starters, I just did this on random

So go out there and express your love, gratitude, happiness, excitement, sadness etc to whosoever you want in the most non technological way…the way that describes who you are minus your phone!!

And if you have talent to showcase then internet is your platform 😉😉







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