The Last Morsel

She sat there staring at the last morsel of food, wondering whether to eat it or not, she already had eaten enough but she didn’t want to waste food. She was raised to respect every single morsel. She, after all had known how it was to sleep empty stomach. She also knew that the tiny man was watching her eat, so if she put away the last morsel of food, the tiny man too would do the same. Kids after all imitate their parents, don’t they?? So, fighting away all these thoughts, she gulped down the last morsel of food, even though the last morsel of food kept her feeling uneasy for a long time. After a while, she got used to the uneasy feeling and she went about being her usual self!!

Just like the last morsel of food, she went about taking on additional responsibility day on day. Someday she would excel at her chores, someday she performed averagely and someday she hoped for the tasks/chores to just get over and the day to end. It seemed like she was expected to be born with some supernatural powers to be able to please everyone and to be able to take care of everyone’s needs. Someday she said to herself, she cared less about what others thought, on other days, she was constantly worried about being judged.

Often, we take on additional tasks/ duties regardless of the fact that we already have enough on our plates because either we are afraid to say no or we are out to prove our superhero abilities to the world, after all our lives are in some way or the other stirred by DC and Marvel comics!!

It’s good to be able to multi-task, its brilliant to have excellent time management skills and you are a star, if you can delegate, multi task, achieve deadlines and procure desired results. We strive for excellence day on day. We are on an endeavor to learn and improve always, so its OK to do less one day.

Like they say, ‘less is more.” Yes sometimes, doing less will do more good to your soul. Push yourself to achieve more but at the same time do complete justice to what you have taken up. Being selective can be beneficial too!

So, it’s ok to break some rules today, it’s ok not to please people today, it’s ok if you are judged today. Kehte hain na, “jitney muh, utni baatey”. “ Jitney log, utni alag alag soch”.

Begin by saying no, begin by freeing yourself from the chains of certain norms, begin to care more about yourself without disrespecting anyone and a little less about the world.





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