via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

Your fragrance still lingers around in the room!

Every time I cook a meal,the fragrance from the pot reminds me of you staring at me,motionless!

The way you tilted your head when I called out your name,

Even though you weren’t allowed on my bed, you still happened to share my pillow.

You sulked like a child at every denial, you expressed joy every time I was happy.

There were days when your fragrance turned into a stink and you would be in hiding then.

You were his son, my child’s buddy Β and you continue to remain my best friend.

You were a pet to the world, to us you were, our own.

Now that you are gone, your fragrance lingers on in our memories and we hope that in peace rests your soul!!

Love You Amigo!!

Missed and Loved until eternity…….

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