“In your anger, do not sin”

A lot of times I have been so angry that I wanted to enact my favorite part of an action movie…breaking things!

Then after a few moments of raving and ranting, better sense prevails and I get into the retrospective mode and try and find a solution to whatever instigated me to be furious.It works most of the times and when the retrospection doesn’t work, I do the world famous act of being happy and not get triggered with miniscule things, ” I ignore!”.

There, however exist a lot of people who take drastic measures in a fit of rage….their anger gets so dangerous that, it compels them to harm someone.

After much contemplation I watched this movie, last night that shows a girl being raped because the rapist is angry over him being rejected by her. Further reviews about the movie will follow soon. What’s kept me wondering is that do we become so angry over someone rejecting us/ our thoughts or correcting us, someone yelling at us or someone not agreeing to us that we are ready to take revenge. Our inkling towards revenge is so high that we commit hideous crimes like rape and murder.Why??

Have you ever wondered what impact your actions/ behaviour will have not only on the person it is inflicted towards but on everyone else associated with you and them as well?

For elders who have arguments, please avoid them in  front of kids.They are extremely sensitive and observant.Something you say or do in anger could change their perspective about things forever.

For parents who in order to correct their children yell at them (which is necessary sometimes) , please do so in private if possible. You may loose out on being your child’s confidante forever.

For bosses who like to command authority and display superiority through anger, please rethink over what you do, you may break soemone’s confidence forever.

For people who choose to disagree with each other, please try and have conversations rather than arguments.You will reach a solution,beneficial for both.

For people, who are educated, don’t put down someone less fortunate or less educated than you.These people help us with a lot of things so that we can have a comfortable life and they are trying to earn a living too, just like you.

Rejection in love and marriage happen over various reasons, some right and some wrong.Please do not build your life around the wrong because just like the cloud cult song, you were born to make this right…you were born to chase the light.

I have always believed in the Newton’s third law

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

And  God said it too..

Be not deceived,God is not mocked.

Whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap”.

So the next time you want to break something, try hitting your fist against the wall.It’ll teach you to be more peaceful and think before you act/react.




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