You’ll be old someday too

So here I was doing some research for my next blog, the content idea for which was suggested by someone I know. I randomly typed, “why leave them when they are old”. The search results were various, some included the valid age for your child to be left home alone, some were news results on how a teens got their parents arrested because of various reasons that seemed right to someone who wasn’t even adult enough to judge.

All the search results had one thing in common, they all fortified how parents were always responsible for their children, the age didn’t really matter.

Everything that happens in our life, our parents are directly or indirectly held responsible for it. When we are toddlers, when our tantrums are more than the words we speak, its our parents who are judged for our behaviour.

Undoubtedly, exist parents who don’t do justice to parenthood at all. There also are kids who have had unfortunate incidents with their parents and though holding grudges just makes your wounds hurt more, still sometimes its fair for them to have lesser feelings towards their folks.

Our parents do everything that’s within their capability to fulfil our dreams and often they do things that is beyond their capability just to see us smiling. I’m saying this with utmost confidence because I too have made that promise to myself, that come what may, I will try and do everything that I can, to fulfil my child’s dreams.

We as children and even when we our adults fail to come to terms with certain things that our parents do  or did for us and hence start the differences!!

Wikipedia defines parents as care takers of an offspring and further classifies parents into being over protective and neglectful!! Funny how social media categorizes our emotions! 😕😕

There comes a time when we are ok to part ways with them, some of us leave our houses and some of us compel our parents to move out.

We fail to put all our practicality, all our years of education to application.

We write and like things on social media…but do not live the words we preach!! We get emotional over movies and are ready to be part of protests against the wrong. Yet we fail do what’s right!!

What if your child did that to you, have you ever thought over it?. Are you prepared for it. What if they sent you to an old age home that runs only on benefits from either the private sector or from the government.

The discussion can be endless, all that you need to do is to go back to one of the first lessons learnt in your life, to love and care. All that you need to give in return of love, is love itself. Nothing less, nothing more!!

With immense love and respect to the two people I will forever need in my life!!

Love you $ Stay Blessed

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