Him Vs Me.

​Fuming and exhausted I sat on  the sofa chair, after my face off with him…something that became our regular routine.

I didn’t know what made me more angry, that he didn’t listen to me or that I failed to attract his attention!!

The next moment he was there in my arms, saying sorry! These were his exact words, “I’m sorry mumma, don’t be upset with me, I’m your beta na”!

It made me smile, I hugged and kissed him back.  We were off to our regular playful self.

To actually ponder over it now, are we raising kids to be able to, emotionally dominate us?

Do they have everything easy because we try and compensate lack of time with gifts?

Do they fear us, respect us, love us or they just merely do as we say, in exchange of things or for not wanting a huge drama?

Will they be ready to face challenges ahead in  life because they are so protected sometimes?

Will they have the same love for books as they do for gadget and sports ?

Too many thoughts clog up your vision to be able to measure situations beyond their substance!

Suddenly I hear him calling out to me….Mumma!! There he was trying to arrange his clothes with his tiny hands, back in his cupboard, picking his toys and putting them back in place….mumma I didn’t put it down, it fell on its own, but its ok, I’ll put it back. 

And then he hugged me and said, you relax and watch me play football! “I’m the best footballer” , he said!

That made the thoughts fade way, I stood there with new thoughts.Thoughts that ensure that no matter what happens…he will be a good responsible human, understanding his share of responsibilities, taking accountability for what’s right and what’s wrong and that will lead him to what’s best for him.

Yes my child, you are and will be the best footballer! You amaze me with your spontaneity and wit when I least expect it and I’m one proud mother and will always be.

 Thank you for beautifying our lives, you are the beautifier just as your name suggests!

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