Happiness is…..

Happiness is…seeing my toddler happy.

Happiness is….watching your child grow into a wonderful human being.

Happiness is…being able to fulfil your parents wishes.

Happiness is…time spent with your siblings.

Happiness is….reliving nostalgic memories with your buds.

Happiness is…a hug from someone you love and care.

Happiness is ….a phone call from a long lost friend.

Happiness is…revisiting your school campus.

Happiness is…an unexpected β€œ Thank You”.

Happiness is….a home cooked meal being served after a tiring day.

Happiness is…a pat on the back from your boss.

Happiness is…someone telling you, they look up to you!

Happiness is…your first pay cheque!

Happiness is…finding money from the most unexpected places when you are broke.

Happiness is…being able to fit into your old( thinner) clothes😜

Happiness is…your crush liking your picture on Instagram!❀

Happiness is….an umpteen number of things that can’t always be listed!!

Happiness needs to be felt and experienced but unfortunately zooming in and out of our busy lives we forget to remind ourselves to be happy, sometimes maintaining sanity is also difficult ( ask a mum with a toddler about being sane πŸ˜‰)

Some are struggling with work issues, some with relationships, some have health issues, some have emotional break downs, some lack sleep…some are hungry!! Some are lonely!

Some are just getting bogged down with various things that the roller coaster called β€œ Life”, brings with it!!

When they say, β€œTime and Tide, wait for none”, its true! A dear friend lost someone close to her in a fraction of a second, another friend, he has marital issues. A friend from school is coping with work pressures and is beginning to have identity crisis because he left his passion to cope with financial demands. Uff!! Ya Khuda…life isn’t fair,haina!!
But it’s not life, its the circumstances the situations that demand a lot from you sometimes. We do need to realise that everything that is happening to us, or is going to happen to us, is all pre-written. We are just mere actors chosen to play our part. Yes,what will make a difference is, how you play the part?

I think, your smile is what people will notice first! So take a moment and tell yourself, whatever is happening around you, will get better!! Not everyday is the same and your experiences will eventually be like, star points on your book of life!!

πŸ‘† That’s happiness defined for you!! Pick your favorite meaning and let everything and everyone know, you were made for something better. Let yourself  know, ” You are the best”.

Ps: Talking to yourself ( in reclusion off course)  helps.

Double PS: Thodi pagalpanti toh zaroori hain ( my sincere apologies to Mirinda) 

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  1. Wow….Now i know what happiness feels like….of course after reading this wonderful writeup

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