Be There!

She lay there on her side of the bed (one of the few things that was hers, only hers), tossing and turning, hoping as always that sleep would favour her tonight.
She went back and forth her memories, something she did every night since the last few months, trying to figure out where she went wrong, trying to judge the circumstances and ending up judging herself. Why me?, a question she tried pushing away umpteen number of times.

What about the promises, the vows, the commitments, the responsibilities, what about the house?  What about the finances?

What about the kids, what about him? They all love her, she is their world.Her world however had collapsed when he first told her, what it was!

She knew she had no choice left, she knew this was it.She had to take the decision. A decision that would benefit her,only her and may be others too!

She had the right to do it only for herself, after all in the last few years and more she had only given, it was time for her to receive.Hopefully this will be her light at the end of the tunnel.She had heard others talk about it, it’s so painful they had often said.

She didn’t realise when she feel asleep last night.For the first time in months she didn’t require the sleeping pills.The yelling between the kids is what woke her up, she saw 10 missed calls from him.She somehow had made up her mind.

Hesitantly she picked up the phone, his number was on speed dial now, she called him. His first words were, “are you ready”?she finally said, “Yes”. He asked her to meet him at 3pm to discuss it in detail.She agreed.

Thus began her treatment of chemotherapy!!

Illness can strike anyone, anytime.

The person going through it needs your emotional support along with the financial support.

Be there!! You can’t take away the pain, but can be a part of their journey.

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