Don’t Forget To Smile :)

​Cleaning your wardrobe and arranging it can be a really time consuming task however the pride you achieve once you are over and done with the task is massive.The neatly arranged clothes, the de-cluttered racks, such a feast to the eyes.

So through one such de-cluttering session, I came across a diary that was given to me by my previous employer which was used more by me post I quit working with them. It had numerous calculations, scribbled notes and a piece of an article I wrote 4 years ago on travel.

Having travelled 6 countries that are visited by tourists from all over the world, I have come to a conclusion that despite the different castes, races, colours, lingo, the one thing that binds us all is a Smile.

When you don’t know what to do, where to go, who to ask, just smile, that’s the first thing people notice about you and I say that with utmost confidence because I have won the best smile award from  people who are most difficult to please, Women!! ( it was awarded to me at one of the events in my toddler’s pre school)

Imagine travelling by your car and at the signal you see two cute girls smiling at your toddler from a bus (public transport) and your toddler leaves everything he is doing and smiles and waves at them. Such is a wonder of a smile 😊

The smile from your boss, when you are to address an important meeting is indeed assuring and boosts your morale.

That smile from your pati, patni, girlfriend, boyfriend in a room full of people, makes u feel loved always.

The smile from a stranger who looks equally bored as you at a party, can be the beginning of a new friendship ( now just make sure the person isn’t a creep and a weirdo)

The most heart warming smiles are from kids and grandparents, who are filled with love and innocence.

Even animals understand smiles! Smile at a dog and  see it wagging it’s tail at you.

Smile and approach someone in an unknown land, you surely will be helped.

Even the smiley emoticons sometimes help you from being misunderstood in a conversation.

Now now, smiles from some strangers and smiling at them can be real tricky, you gotta trust that feeling from your gut there!! ( remember that episode from Friends where Chandler is trapped in an Atm and wondering whether to smile at  the girl or not).

Smiling is like a boomerang, it comes back for sure!

So Smile often!!

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