As I was nearing the end of a murder mystery novel which was extremely gripping…I was hoping that the murderer get’s sentenced to death but the book ended with the murderer going scott free and I sat there feeling hollow.I had a dull feeling sink into me because the book hadn’t ended the way I […]

Made In Heaven.

Unsought… Uncouth…Uninteresting!! She fit the above description well. She lived in her own world, a world that she ruled and protected just like a queen. After all she was her parents’ princess. Every girl is! A world where she had her own rules, a world where she dared to dream and be everything she ever […]

Ponder over it

Often in life, we are left wondering about a lot of things, somethings we know the answers to, some we choose, not to seek answers for! A few of these thoughts have crossed my mind randomly and I never really searched for the answer to the many “whys”, that did pop up. May be someday […]

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