Made In Heaven.

Unsought… Uncouth…Uninteresting!!

She fit the above description well. She lived in her own world, a world that she ruled and protected just like a queen. After all she was her parents’ princess. Every girl is! A world where she had her own rules, a world where she dared to dream and be everything she ever wanted to be!!

A super hero to her siblings and a perfect friend to the friends she unceasingly and meticulously tried to keep in touch with.

Often the world perceives and it perceives to an extent, that you forget your reason to be on this planet sometimes. You forget that you were bought here with an aim, a goal you need to accomplish, come what may! However, we would have a dozens of witnesses that time and again, we have become prey to the much spoken and worried about statement, “log kya kahenge”.

Kehne do! Logo ka kaam hain kehna was what she heard him say one afternoon.And she couldn’t stop herself from turning behind to see, who this carefree person was. There he was, right behind her, talking to someone on his phone, while both of them waited in the queue at her favorite café!

Maybe the universe had it all planned, they were destined to meet and it was mandatory for their paths to cross! She had no change on her and he was happy to offer her some.She declined initially, however on his insistence she accepted the change politely, paid the guy behind the counter and out of the door she was with her favorite hazelnut mocha in hand. He instead ordered for an extra strong espresso!

Finally at work, she was asked to write about something that wasn’t her forte, Sports!! With some mumbling, she began her research. She googled for some local athletes, players and she stumbled upon a familiar face.Ah!! The guy from the coffee shop! Well that didn’t interest her anyway; she just finished her task and submitted the details to her boss. After an hour came in the shock/surprise, she was asked to go interview the guy from the café.

And that was the turning point of their lives! Just like how two opposites attract, her uninteresting persona got immediately drawn to his humour.She became his reason to laugh.

Her uncouthness got covered with his gentleman etiquettes.

Her perception of the world became gentler and she learnt saying no was important sometimes!!

He had never met someone so childlike and he got swayed by her simplicity. He sought for reasons to meet her and she yearned to be with him.

Thus began a love story of a match that was long before made in heaven…

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