For Sportnicians!!

Fun and frolic go hand in hand right? Just like hard work and dedication and team work and sharing!!

We have all studied/read about sharing, caring, helping one another, being a team player, utilizing the opportunity on hand etc. How many of us really get to apply all these qualities together. Nah, I’m not questioning anyone’s character here, after all you are my comrades, and we all are to someone or the other.

What if I tell you that you do get to experience and depict these qualities? What better way to render them, than playing sports, being part of a sport not only lets you exhibit these and many more qualities but also challenges you to levels you never knew existed. Playing any sport pushes you beyond your own limit and drives you to achieve more than what you’d achieved previously. You not only set benchmarks, you also display techniques to triumph over them and set new ones every day/week/month/year and so on.

You need to be able to be, under the right guidance, your approach has to be flawless and your attitude positive. I personally know someone who could help you tread on your path to achieve something bigger and better, they are known to most of us as, Sportnicians- The Sports People.

A company, which caters to all your sports needs and lets you, experience sports like never before.

They do not limit their work to just sports; they also organize/execute events for corporates, individuals and groups. They will also organize your dream adventure trip for you.( Rains are here already, you know what to do)

You have a requirement; they will cater to you with everything tailored according to your needs.

The founder, Ishraque J Gulrays, is an ex international tennis player, having played the game with all his zest and winning numerous titles, makes him the sports professional to go to!! He will help you answer your queries regarding sports and will sprinkle some of his magical optimistic dust on you. I guarantee, once you have interacted and worked with this man, you’d look for no other.

For More Details, Please visit their website –

Contact: 9820802478

PS: Ishraque Gulrays, I hope, I have done justice to an attempt, of introducing your baby to the world.

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