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Think Big, Start Small

Have you ever been so stressed that you felt like smashing something was the only way to get rid of that stress. As mothers, we all are well aware of the feeling that resonates with, “pulling your own hair and running away”. We are sometimes overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that surround us that wanting […]

Share your story.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and for  that matter even my blog page asks me, to share my story with them!!  Ahh haan!! Before a tech geek jumps out and tells me that’s how the app is designed and goes blah blah, let me tell you that having worked with computer systems, apps and various other  gadgets […]

A Thought Worth A Thought!!

One person cannot really change anything except their own self, their own beliefs, habits, their perception of things and their own thoughts. We’ve seen/heard/ read about a lot of people who have individually done multiple, in fact repeated acts of kindness. These people are teachers, doctors, sports people, roadside vendors, some are educated and some […]

Ponder over it

Often in life, we are left wondering about a lot of things, somethings we know the answers to, some we choose, not to seek answers for! A few of these thoughts have crossed my mind randomly and I never really searched for the answer to the many “whys”, that did pop up. May be someday […]

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