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​He asked her, “why don’t you write about happy things?, Why are your protagonists always giving up their life?”

She just smirked and told him, “well, that’s the only solution to their misery, what did the protagonists get after all the efforts they put into their life and into the life of others’ too”.

“You know it better ma’am”, said he.

Off course she knew better but it also made her wonder as to where her optimism disappeared. She was clueless as to why the happy endings turned to sad and gloomy ones!!

Often in life we come across situations and people that take our optimism and good will for a roller coaster ride. It is these mischief  makers, (a word my mum used to use when I was a kid) that weaken your faith in goodness and in humanity. It makes you  want to give up everything you believe in!!

I read this somewhere today, :nothing can stop what has to happen, whatever has to happen will happen someday”. Yes it will give you million reasons to question the occurrence of the event and could even shatter you into pieces. It will also make you question the existence of the divine guiding light.

Then there comes a day/moment when you look back at everything  was!! You take a walk down the memory lane and realise that there is good in every thing that happens ot had happened.

Sometimes there is a reason for it, sometimes there is a lesson out of it.

While everything around us is happening and will continue to happen, lets take a teeny weeny moment to be thankful for all that we have and for all the support we will have in terms of family, friends, colleague and acquaintances.

Since there is one more day for the week to get over and first month of the new year is almost coming to an end, listen to your health too.

Elders say health is wealth….you never know when someone  may need a lit bit of your wealth for their health!!





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