Traffic Jam Series!!

I don’t usually do two blog posts a week!! So if this blog post is happening past midnight, it sure is important!

The other day I wanted to catch up with an old friend who lives three to four suburbs away from me, the plan was almost on the verge of being materialized and then it goes kaput!! We suddenly awoke from the slumber of being ignorant to the humongous traffic we were to battle to reach our destination of reunion.

Technology sure has changed a lot of things for good and also for the not so good things. Our wishes and concern have become digital, our markings on the calendar have come to reminders on the phone. It seems that the tech age spectacle didn’t suffice to our existing tales, that the government decided to complete its long pending task of constructing the metros.

Yes the metros are going to be a boon to the transportation system in Mumbai. Mumbai a city that never sleeps, a city full of dreams. Its here, in this city, people travel from far and near to get to their destinations, the journeys are of education, earning a living, fulfilling a dream, some are lonesome journeys and some are journeys of pure thrill and pleasure!!

The traffic however in the recent past has decided to play villain in all our lives and then the villainous traffic also gets the assistance of the supporting characters who come in form of rash and speeding drivers.

I wonder how thirty to forty seconds really make a difference to someone, except in case of a medical emergency!! If you are late, then you are late, nothing is going to change that. If the traffic has been unusual than your regular days, then you have a valid explanation.

The benefit of the Digi-age is that, you can now track live traffic as well. Hurrying on the road has always proved fatal.

Institutions that provide transport facilities to people also need to ensure that their vehicles are regularly checked and maintained.I mean that spending someΒ  moolah over maintenance of a vehicle is definitely a meager amount as compared to someone’s life, in fact a bunch of people’s life and safety.

The next time you have the urge to race someone past the red signal…remember there areΒ  biggerΒ  things in life that need your attention!! After all this post is being written in the backseat of a car that’s held up in traffic for the last twenty minutes!!




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