He stared into oblivion…his fingers not knowing what to type. His mind was blank; everything was washed away just like the wave washes away everything at a shore. He hoped silently that just the wave brings with it some leftovers from the sea; something would come back to him too!!

Ahh!! The damn alarm went off at the same time and his recurring dream ended at the same scene every day. He wasn’t quite sure why was he having that dream so often. He looked at his checklist of pending chores to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything. This entire week he had even delayed procrastinating his tasks!

The meeting went well for his team and the tender even came to them. He, however wasn’t impressed with himself, the forgetfulness in his dream still bothered him.

The rest of the day went okay and he brushed away the thoughts of his dream gradually through the course of the day. He even listened to his favorite songs while driving back home, picked up his favorite fruits from the grocery store. He hit the bed early that night as he decided to fit in some time for exercise from the next day.

It was the same dream, only this time he saw a man with a masked face staring back at him. The sudden appearance of a stranger in his dream, woke him up again this time…..!!

Well, I wouldn’t tell you what happens next in this story, it’s a story I choose to leave midway so that the reader can decide how he/she wants it to end, just the way we decide the course to our lives.

There are some beginnings we decide and some ends we write. We conveniently forget that one learning that is of utmost importance is that of, time management.

As adults or kids, we usually wait until the deadline for any task, exam or meeting. The moment we know we are at an arm’s distance from the last date, our entire routine starts moving at a pace  as good as the pace of light and sound.

Having tried my hand at a varied list of jobs and having almost three years of sleepless nights with a now four year toddler, I cognize the importance of multi-tasking and managing my time.

They said it right, time waits for no one. It never has and it never will. So if you have a list of things that are on your to do list, its best to start doing them now.

Someone once advised me to classify my life and work goals into short term and long term goals. This way you know which ones need your immediate attention. Of course writing about things is a lot easier than practically performing them. So with an attitude to conquer your own world, start with the smallest thing today.

The exhilaration you derive out of accomplishing something you always wanted to, will give you enough motivation to keep moving. So keep moving, be happy, life your life the best way you can and I’ll keep doing what I’ve been told to do constantly, “write”.

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