New Year Musings

Good thoughts usually go kaput, like almost vanish into thin air if you sleep over them!

What you should sleep over is, a party hangover so that you are well rested to start your day on a better, happier, nicer note, just the way I did, not that I had a hangover!!

Happy New Year!! Woah, that’s one wish we have for everyone, a wish for everyone alike. A wish that everyone has a peaceful, happier, healthier, successful and a lot of good things bundled up into one, kind of year!!

I’m not very sure how many of us look back at how the year was, we always say let bygones be bygones, but it is in those bygones, lie the deepest lessons! Voila!! That’s another quote from the amateurish writer…

Seriously though, I have always believed in welcoming everything that comes my way, I may cry, crib and get upset for that moment but have always believed that every thing happens for a reason. A reason best known to the force that controls us all!!

The last year has been a mix of happy and gloomy moments for everyone that’s closely knit with me plus I have a toddler who is by the grace of God growing, understanding, observing things, questioning things at a pace, that’s sometimes difficult for me to keep up with.

One thing he always observes and then questions later is the closure of things, situations, people bidding goodbye either temporarily or forever.

He doesn’t understand the concept of life and death yet however he has seen pets pass away,his meetings with certain people have reduced.He understands change and he also somehow understands  that what beings, end eventually.

It surely leaves me distressful sometimes to hear him question about them but he recognises the fact that not everything is forever!!

The way our sorrows end for happy days to begin, the way troubles come un-announced on certain days, the way life changes in a fraction of a second.The same way everything is connected, our lives, whether we like it or  are entwined with a lot of other things and people.

Who would have thought that there would be a riot like situation in the state I live in, on day 2 of the NEW YEAR?

Who would have thought that someone would loose their job on the new year eve?

There could be bigger losses in the world, losses you and I are unaware of!!

No one anticipates what’s going to happen next, your world, your life, “You”, could be completely different in few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.

Like I always say in all my blogs, Breathe, let some life in your life. It’s not like we are all mundane robots but it’s always very easy for life to take you down.

This new year, promise to organise your time and when you have time on your hands clubbed with expertise and experience from the years that have gone by…. there is nothing stopping you!!

And just like my zealous toddler says…. Go for it Baby!!








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