A few tips on how to be happy and laugh out loud. Lol!!

We all have out unique way of laughing.Some of our ways are so unique that we have memes and videos around it. We seldom slip into a phase where we feel our life is robotic and boring.Laughter is a vital part of your mental well-being.It’s important to laugh and be happy not for your social status but, for your own self.

Here are few ways, you can bring back oodles of laughter and happiness in your life.

Connecting with an old friend. We all love being around our friends. I often say, friends are never judgmental of us, in fact they are always part of our madness. Thanks to social media, connecting with friends who moved out of school, college or work has been made easy. So connect with an old friend and relive the golden memories.

Humor in everyday life. I usually look around at people when I am travelling and tend to find humor in them.The everyday “rickshawala bhaiya” and the sabziwala, the maids and the neighborhood aunt, all have some funny trait in them. Find that humor and smile. Smiling reduces wrinkles too :-p

Watch your favorite television series – Ahh!! Thanks to amazon prime and Netflix. Fmovies and terrarium. All our favorite series are now just a tap and a click away. Go indulge in some binge watching to make yourself happy. Unwind with a bowl of popcorn, pizza or ice-cream and relive the Sunday memories of childhood.

Spend time with children– Children are always the happiest. Except for the times they are sleepy or hungry, they are mostly happy. Spend some time with a child to understand how to derive pleasure from simple things in life. Being a mommy, I can definitely vouch for this tip. My Z boy makes me happy to a level I never was before #mommylove.

Have sleepovers and visit amusement parks. If you don’t mind the cleaning that comes with sleepovers, then sleepovers are the best way to have fun and make merry. Amusement parks bring out the child in you and make you happy in a silly way.

Watch Comedy -I have seen people literally laughing all their organs out, when watching stand up comedy. I have recommendations to make too, watch Rahul Subramanium, AIB and Kenny Sebastian,if you want to know how your everyday life has huge chunk of laughter in it.

Play in bouncy houses – My baby boy loves these and having tried the trampoline, I say they make you silly happy. With all the non symmetrical jumping and falling down, you sure are to be happy.

The best way to laugh, is to make others laugh and see a person laugh. So here’s a little about me, I used to laugh more looking at my now hubby laughing than at the comedy flicks we used to watch. Surround yourself with positivism and you’ll feel the rays of happiness slowly stepping in.It’s the start of a new week today, let aside your worries of the previous week and be gung-ho towards a new week.

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