Her Womb, Her Choices, Really??

I rarely browse through the newspaper. The reasons are too many, the major one being, unable to remove time for it from my mommy hood schedule. The other one being that, it depresses me sometimes to read through various hideous acts that get committed so casually.
Being a woman, feminism comes naturally to us and even it doesn’t, we tend to join the herd of feminism because we women want to believe that nothing is unachievable!! Well, actually, nothing is really unachievable by us. We are usually able to achieve everything we set our hearts and minds into. In case some of us are unable to achieve something, or we fail at something, the society (read family, friends, well-wishers and acquaintances) ensures we push ourselves beyond our acceptable limits and at least come close enough to achieving it.
One such thing that the world in general believe is attainable by a woman is being able to bear a child. If for some reasons she is unable to then come in plenty and amply advices, cures etc. as to how she will be able bear one! The approach towards scientific methods comes much later for some woman even in this sci-fi-next-gen.
Imagine, we go all out in supporting a woman when she wants to have a baby, would we offer the same support, consolation, advice if she decided not to have a child. The recent newspaper I browsed through carried a full page article about how the act of abortion is being legally accepted by various countries.
Would it be accepted in a country where, fetuses are killed randomly because they suspect a girl child being born? Where fetuses are always aborted when conceived unwillingly, when the family is unable to bear the expenses of a child, where the mother is going to be a single parent or an unmarried mother.
I strongly believe that each of us is unique creation of god. I also believe that our time and purpose of being in this world is predefined. It may sound cliché but don’t we express similar views when someone departs from the world.
We often have heard people say, my life, my choices. Similarly for a woman it has to be, her womb, her choices. She needs to have a choice in deciding whether she is physically or mentally ready to have a child. The cases of post partum depression are higher in woman who are not mentally ready for a child. There are cases where women are abandoned by family in state of pregnancy over family feuds. Raising a child and bringing a child into the world is one of the purest and beautiful feeling. However it isn’t a very pleasant experience when it has to be done alone. A woman may not be ready to handle or give birth to a baby for various factors, major one being her health.
Legalizing abortion may have repercussions; it may lead to people indulging in unprotected sex without worrying about the consequences. It may lead to increase in the rate of abortion too! However the government would set some guidelines when legalizing it, wouldn’t they? We do have doctors now, giving medicines for abortion or using other techniques of abortion even though it’s not legalized. I’m apprehensive whether it will get legalized or not because as law makers we lay more stress on the ban of slaughtering of cows than passing quick judgment against rapists. As a nation, whether its cinema or sports, we will continue to be a applaud men a little more than woman. So I don’t really know if it will ever be, “her womb, her choices”.

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  1. Exceptionally insightful. It is a challenging choice for people across the world with different beliefs and religions. There will always be unnecessary pressures related to this topic. My question has always been, a woman should have the choice when it comes to her body and soul. What right is there to deny that.

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