Drop the cape, share the shield!!


The smile on your face let’s me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if wherever I fall.

My favorite words from the famous Ronan Keating song, “when you say nothing at all”. These words resonate well when it comes to describing the love, mommies have for their babies. We always were and will always be there for our children, no matter what happens.

I seldom wonder, does my son really need me around him so often?

Is it necessary for me to be his shield every now and then?

Will he have lessons of his own like, I have mine?

These questions often clog my mind but I push them away and reassure myself by saying that he is just small and he still needs his parents. Well off course he does, but as frequently as I think he does.

For instance, no one likes being tanned and with the with the weather changing its colours faster than a chameleon, exposure to the sun for a prolonged time is indeed harmful. However, wanting them to not sweat at all, providing an air-conditioned environment always and asking them to be play in shade or stay indoors, is sometimes going beyond the natural.

Few months ago, my perpetually better half had involved a few kids from his sports academy for the shoot of a T.V commercial. The kids had a gala time. They were well fed, they had constant supply of juices, water, chocolates etc. They even were made to sit under an umbrella to help them hide away from the sun for a little while. The shot required the kids to be under the sun and play in mud.Despite having the opportunity to be in front of the camera and experiencing something different, parents complained about the shot taking long, children being out in the sun for too long etc. The children however had no qualms about anything whatsoever.

A recent tooth fracture for my son which followed by a bump on the head, a bruised knee and being hit on the face by a football, made me realize that no matter how much it breaks my heart to see my son get hurt and cry, I will not be able to protect him all the time.He will get hurt, he will have a scraped arm or knee at some point or the other. I will be his super mom but he may not always have my shield or cape for protection.

The good thing about frequent injuries is that my four years plus toddler understands that its part and parcel of becoming a great footballer. He understands that his teachers and elders have a right to scold him for doing and being wrong. Being actively involved in sports he has come to realize that he will not win always and that, sometimes being a part of a team is more important.


Remember our days as a child? We didn’t care about the sun or the dirt. Muddy puddles were the grounds for paper boats to sail. The school was a place where we made the best memories in life.Having a VCR or a video game was considered the privilege of the elite class. Being allowed to watch movies and songs on T.V was a boon. Our neighbors were our extended family. Bruises, fights, eating of the same plate, drinking from the same glass, were all opportunities, to build a long-lasting relationship!!

Times have changed, technologies evolved, we however have succumbed to the evolution of time and technology. I often, like other parents complain about how the technology and media has taken over the lives of our children. Then I wonder who is to be blamed, them or the overly cautious instincts in us?? It’s always easier for some of us to hand our kids the luxuries in life than to let them experience the rawness of the world. It is always safer that way for them, isn’t it?

Be their best friend. Be their super hero and their magician. Let them, however wear the cape and carry the shield.

We had our opportunities to build memories and lessons, it’s only fair to give our children theirs!!

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