Is death really the end?

A lot has been said and written about the famous celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain passing away.It is always surprising when someone successful and famous decides to end their life. It makes me wonder why do people, who are so famous, so talented decide to end their lives?

Are they no longer in need of their celebrity status? Did their celebrity life not live up to their expectations of what they imagined it to be? I personally believe nothing and no one is worth ending your life for. I mean, we have just one life to live it all, one life to experience all emotions and one life to try everything that we want. Then why do people end their lives. Yes, off course there are people who are compelled to do so because their suffering and pain, seem larger than their opportunity to survive and fight against it.

A recent article in a leading newspaper by another famous chef talks about suicide from a different perspective. It definitely doesn’t justify ending your life over the struggles one experiences in life however the writer does mention that in certain cases, the act of suicide is justifiable.

He then goes further on, talking about what Anthony Bourdain did. He puts forth a question that puts me in dilemma! He writes, “what if the celebrity chef did what he did because he had achieved all that he wanted and he had no other purpose to fulfill? ”

Is it so easy always? I know we all come into thisΒ  world to serve a purpose, but what after the purpose is fulfilled. Do we decide how long our life is supposed to be or does the creator of one and all decide that. Is it really easy to not want anything anymore? The human mind and heart is never content, is it? We are always on the go to achieve something new, then would we ever be content with what we have and not what anything anymore. Would we ever be able to believe that our purpose in the world is over!!

I personally, want to live forever. To be able to spend my time with family and friends. To be able to live for myself, to be able to build and achieve new dreams. I don’t think I will ever be strong enough to believe that my purpose in the world is over. I leave that to the almighty!!

Would you ever be able to believe that your purpose in the world is over, would you look at suicide differently….just asking???

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