The world is a stage..

I love to write and there has never been two ways about it. However, there have been days when I run out of ideas on what to write about. Similar to life isn’t it? We all have our dull, mundane days where we feel life is extremely shitty!! What do we do on those days, do we give up? Unfortunately, no, we all aren’t blessed with a big fortune and paapi pet ke liye (to earn a living) we all have to work. We all have indispensable responsibilities to fulfil. So, what do we do? Well, I, personally look for humour in things around me, do some yoga, listen to some music and I’m good to go for a few months till boredom comes visiting me again!!

So, while I am enjoying the extended school hours of my little man, I was wondering about a few things that I have listed below,

☞ Been extremely hungry and have been waiting for your break the entire day and just when you open your lunch box, it slips through your hand and the food that was to go in your stomach is now on the floor.

☞ Booked an Uber pool thinking you are book in an Uber go and then when your driver goes completely off route, is when you realise it’s an Uber pool and now you are not going to make it to your destination in time.

☞ Dressed really well for an occasion. Then you cross check the weather report and since it’s been sunny for the last 3 days you don’t carry an umbrella. It rains heavily while you are trying to get to your mode of transport and get drenched completely.

☞ Order something exotic and fancy at a restaurant because it sounds delicious but when the dish arrives it’s completely beyond your expectations and you obviously have to pay for it since it’s been ordered!!

☞ You are talking to your boss or someone elderly. They annoy the hell out of you but you don’t utter a word. The phone call ends but since you are using a smartphone your phone redials them and they hear all the abuses you are hurling at them without you knowing about it.

We all have plenty of experiences that make us want to disappear in thin air. But unfortunately, we don’t. We still continue to live our lives as usual. Sometimes the experiences will give you a jolt too, your world may even turn upside down!! They, however say, the show must go on and someone rightly said something similar, “the world is a stage”, to which I added, “we are mere actors, let our role be applaud worthy!!

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