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Disability doesn’t come announced. It’s not even gender, caste, creed biased. In fact, it doesn’t even discern between ages. Fortunate are those who have the means and resources to handle a disability. Despite the resources and amenities that are made available to someone who is disabled, it doesn’t change the datum that they are disabled. Oh no, I am not trying to mock the feelings of someone who is restricted. Neither am I on a transformation phase against or about disability.

I, on the other hand consider being disabled as differently abled. Being a strong believer in the force that controls the joysticks of our lives, I truly believe that the guiding force opens an extra door for us when he decides to shut one!!

So, what happens when someone who has suffered an impermanent disability, takes to social media and decides to make it into a fun series. Have you ever looked at the synonyms for the word fun? It has various synonyms such as enjoyable, pleasurable, amusing, entertaining etc. Now, for someone who has fractured their leg, the entire journey from a broken bone to recovery is definitely not enjoyable, pleasurable and amusing! If you have ever shut the car door on your own hand, you would know that the pain of fracturing a body part in definitely much more intense.

Well, one synonym for fun is also entertaining. Now what if, this very famous choreographer took to social media only to entertain people? What if, her friends and family, instead of sympathizing with her limited ability to move, decided to entertain her? After all, isn’t that what friends and family are for?  Off course we want our loved ones to strop with us when we sulk but don’t we expect them to lift our spirits when we are gloomy? I, personally believe that’s what they did. They didn’t have any intentions to disrespect anyone’s disability. 

They are in a profession where they are bound to have millions of followers on social media and they are bound to attract all sorts of attention. They are scorned even when they are right and are highly disparaged when wrong. However, I personally believe that the #wheelchairdiaries was just an attempt to cheer up someone whose movement was restricted. No one after all wants to be alone. We all want to be happy and cheerful  despite what life offers us.

Criticizing someone comes naturally to us, appreciating someone doesn’t!! I am not saying that everyone who fractures a leg or a hand should take to social media. I am saying that what’s meant for fun should be taken as fun!!



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