The “wild card entry”.

Life is a bed full of roses and off course the roses come with thorns. That’s how the roses stay fresh for longer.They stay livelier. Have you ever wondered if the rose would have flourished more if it was left on that plant and never been plucked? Well, there are people who make the same plucked, dead rose lively again!!
I was recently made to watch a video of the tennis legend, Goran Ivanisevic and how he after so many misses, he finally won. Just when he thought his career was over, he was given a wild card entry and he won the Wimbledon,something he had always longed for!! You can watch the video here:.Goran’s Wild Journey
I seldom retrospect over my Corporate career and wonder how some colleagues who weren’t as hard-working as me still kept climbing the corporate ladder and how some colleagues who worked their butt off and still stayed where they began So after I stumbled upon this video, I realized, it’s all about that “One Opportunity”. One opportunity given and capitalized can really do wonders for oneself.
We see these T.V ads about helping fund someone’s medical care or education. There are various phone calls that come to us, asking to donate to registered wellness centers etc. I, personally don’t believe in handing them my hard-earned money as I don’t know how much help it will provide the needy. I do however believe in helping someone out or extending opportunity to someone when I see the potential.
Yesterday, at the mall, a mum needed help to put on her kids’ shoes as she couldn’t see well due to a recent eye surgery. I casually offered to put on shoes for both her kids and she couldn’t stop thanking me.I told her it was OK, as I understand how challenging parenting can be sometimes. What I did was a really small thing but it at least made that mum smile and helped her restore her faith in helping someone out.
Not everyone gets to be on T.V and tell their story. Not everyone gets written about. Not everyone gets talked about or is on the news. Some people start small, some start after having to give up everything. Some are even fighting a silent battle. It just takes you few minutes to appreciate someone, applaud someone’s efforts, putting them down could take you longer. The regret then, stays for a lifetime. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get a “wild card entry”, like Goran Ivanisevic.

The next time you see a hard-working person with even little potential to achieve their goals and dreams, lend them a helping hand. You never know, you could be their first step towards success, you could be the one giving them the, “wild card entry”.

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