Think Big, Start Small

Have you ever been so stressed that you felt like smashing something was the only way to get rid of that stress. As mothers, we all are well aware of the feeling that resonates with, “pulling your own hair and running away”. We are sometimes overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that surround us that wanting to run away, scream or throw something, are few feelings that come naturally to us.

It is only through communicating our worries to friends and family, are we able to shed and share the emotional baggage. Stress and anxiety not only effects our personal life, it affects the quality of our work too.

Whether you are the CEO of a company or a home maker, when you are angry, stressed and overwhelmed, the quality of your work tends to get impacted. The quality of the work can be ignored on a few occasions however if it gets hampered regularly then, it’s a cause of worry!!

Recently, I came across a study by a U.K based consultant psychiatrist who mentioned about a Tea training to be held to help teachers handle the stress in a class room environment. Its definitely a brilliant way to help teachers handle the chaotic environment of a classroom. We often come across teacher’s getting violent with children for the smallest of mistakes. Trainings like these are a great way to help teachers let go of their stress and channelize their energy into something positive.

In the 10 years that I spent in the corporate world, a lot of employee wellness and development trainings were conducted which were fun and stress busters at the same time. They enhanced my quality of work by promoting team work, coordination, and people interaction.

I did most of my gossip and stress venting in these sessions and I was amazed at how positive I was at the end of the session. My colleagues and I would collectively derive solutions to improve our performance and be able to meet our objectives.

Imagine a session where women are allowed to vent out, scream, shout and discuss all their problems without being judged. A session where each of them looked at the positives in life and learnt through each other’s experiences!!

Employee engagement and wellness programmes usually involve a list of games that help people have fun and bond better with each other. Companies, whether large or small, need to include communication sessions in their employee programmes too!! These sessions need to be a part of every profession to ease their work life stress.It will reduce the frustration that sets in when you gotta work odd hours or work extra to meet targets.

Event companies should aim at conducting workshops for the unemployed and the homemakers too, programmes that helps them deal with their daily struggles positively. Programmes that provides them with resources to meet their goals and use their time effectively. Happy employees are always an asset to the company.😊

There are a lot of groups of social media that serve as platform for exchanging ideas, thoughts, heartbreaks, shortcomings and success stories. It’s always a good idea to put these words into actions.

Remember, small steps always turn in giant leaps of faith. Small smiles turn into laughter. Small talks turn into bigger conversations. Small efforts yield great results!! Think big, start small 😊

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