Happy Mothers Day

​He loved dressing up as superman as a kid and he grew up to having superman as his favourite superhero. The charisma of being loving, gentle, kind and yet being able to fight the bad, mesmerized him always. He had after all watched his mum be the wonder woman she was.

He often wondered who would she be if not the wonder woman role she was entrusted to play?

Would she be a Teacher for all the knowledge she has imparted over the years?

Would she be a chef because of all the delicacies she had been whipping for years? 

Would she be a an administrative or a managerial expert because of the years of experience she carried with her of, planning, organising and executing multiple tasks?

Would she be a beauty expert for all the make up and fashion advices she gave?

Or would she be a health and lifestyle guide for constantly taking care of your health even though she seldom neglected her’s!!

She is often the “Jag Janani”.I guess she is expected to be!! She plays multiple characters with ease and is always the heart and soul of our lives.

Does she really have to play all these roles always? Does she really have to be a superwoman? I don’t think she has to! Some days she just has to be a woman who is ok with simple meals, unwashed laundry, missed deadlines, messy and chaotic homes!!

This mothers day don’t celebrate just your mother’s love, celebrate and acknowledge all that she does. Appreciate all the roles that each women play. Celebrate her existence everyday. Be everything to her that she has been to you!! ❤ Help her drop her cape….!!

Our lives are not forever but the love is bound to stay on, forever, treasure it.❤❤



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