A Thought Worth A Thought!!

One person cannot really change anything except their own self, their own beliefs, habits, their perception of things and their own thoughts.

We’ve seen/heard/ read about a lot of people who have individually done multiple, in fact repeated acts of kindness. These people are teachers, doctors, sports people, roadside vendors, some are educated and some are not!

We come across numerous posts on social media about such people, we share these posts, like these posts and many of us even comment and applaud their selfless character.

We seldom blame the government too for not giving these angelic souls enough recognition.

Have you then wondered why most of us are asked/told or we ourselves wish to be like the number one celeb of any given field??

We have always heard our parents compare us with other children in terms of their achievements academically but very rarely do they ask us to be like someone else because of how humane they are?

Having an idol is one thing, it helps you move towards a goal you have set for yourself or will set for yourself, however being a good human is everything else!!So while you are busy building a life for yourself and your loved ones…put some life into life.

Do something without expecting anything in return for someone and then your acts will begin to have the boomerang effect!!

Its easy for me to write words upon words on how and what you should do, what we should do!!

The decision and effort has to be yours, only yours!!



#musingsoftheheartandsoul ❀

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