Rain Rain Make Us Care!!

Wrath of the rain gods! I read a headline on the news channel this afternoon, whatsapp messages poured in from various friends, frantic phone calls to family to check on family and friends…breathing a sigh of relief knowing everyone is fine and is on their way home through help from colleagues, friends and even strangers!

Funny na how we as humans do umpteen number of things to hurt mother nature (knowingly or unknowingly) and still mother nature, even when angry, just like our mothers, finds ways to unite us in harmony!

In this hour of need, we tend to lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone.I see people offering shelter, food to anyone and everyone, messages with people’s phone nos get circulated on social media. Seriously, salute the spirit of the people of aamchi Mumbai.Kudos to Us!!

Im happy, elated however a tiny thought crops in my mind making me wonder, why do we need a natural calamity or a situation arised by the mayhem caused by nature or a terrorist attack or for that matter any external force to bind us together.

Why can’t we show this concern on usual days, why can’t we be welcoming to people on a normal day, why can’t we check on the well being of friends and family on other days? 

We all have busy schedules, we all are in a race to build a life, a career, chasing dreams and goals, dutifully fulfilling responsibilities but that doesn’t, infact shouldn’t stop us from halting to spread some love and cheer.

Soch Badi, Niyat Badi, Umeed Choti, Fasley Kam!!

Stay Safe Everyone!! 

Let these continous showers continue to shower our lives with love, respect and care for everyone.❀

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