The Traffic Jam Moment!!

We’ve all been stuck in a traffic jam and for those of us who live in Mumbai would agree that we spend more time in a traffic jam than the time we spend with our friends and family on certain days.

So, on one such day when I was heading back home after dropping my little love to school, I was stuck in this non-moving traffic jam for over 20 mins with nothing to do except for looking at vehicles of different shapes and sizes.

And then the most awaited thing happened, the traffic began to move. Voila!

The big trucks were like these stubborn people we meet sometimes, who do things at their own pace and will.

The delivery vans were like the punctual lot amongst us, hurrying to finish their task on time.

The cars were like these carefree souls, doing what they want at whatever pace they want, honking non-stop to get past other people.

The luxury cars were like the elite crowd, following rules, maintaining their speed and seldom looking down at the smaller budget cars.

Now the bikers and autos were the most interesting them of all, they tried to carve their way through any space available, they displayed the true spirit of our chaotic lives, running, speeding up, trying to move ahead of the other person beside them, so much effort just to get to their destination. Some even risk their lives, some make so many efforts to get past everyone and eventually to get stuck at the red light again!

And then there was “Me”, the only person whose speed, efforts, abilities I could control, the person who had control over the vehicle I was riding.

Our lives are also like the traffic jam, where each of us is running, walking, moving towards are goals in life, some of us care about the others, we stop to let them move ahead, some of us get hurt, some of us get dashed, some of us get outrun, some of us are patient enough to wait for 3 red lights to pass  and some of us are stubborn enough to stand our point for as long as we want. However, each of us has control over only our lives and control over how we influence the lives of others.

So with all the vigour and passion for riding/driving, lets do it safely, lets decide on what route to take, who we want to be our companions while we do so and may all of us have a happy moment even while we are stuck in a jam!!

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