Here is what all love relationships need!

Love is the bond that engulfs all our relationships. I am not talking about just the love between spouses or couples, I am talking about love in any and every relationship. Our relationship and the equation of love depends on the kind of relationship we share with someone. In every relationship the primary emotion is love which births other emotions. For e.g. as parents, it’s the care, concern and sacrifice that arises out of our love for our kids. As siblings, you learn to share and care out of love. In a love relationship between couples, respect, admiration, appreciation all arises out of love for each other.

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In fact all emotions arise out of love and every relationship is entwined with all the sentiments that stem out of your love for someone.

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OK, so before you get swamped in the mention and repetition of the term love relationships, let me ask you something. How do you love deeply? Is there only one way to love? We often, use the term love to describe our likeness towards people and things. I think it is the most commonly used term yet it is sometimes complicated. Infact, the funny part is that even grammatically you can never tell if it’s a noun or a verb.

I am strong believer in love and relationships. I completely believe in the saying, “love conquers all”. Hence, I am going to be sharing some of my thoughts on how you can love truly, madly, deeply because true love does exist!

Love yourself

It is said, you cannot pour from an empty cup! You need to be full of love and happiness yourself to give love to others. So, whether at work or at home, you need to love and accept yourself the way you are. We all need to change a habit or two and we all need to improvise on some aspect of our lives. However, that should not stop us from loving ourselves fully!

Love, truly, madly, deeply

I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. Yes, I have stumbled, fallen and hurt myself. I have picked my lessons too. Indeed, I have some scars that make me ponder about the things that were and things that could have been, yet it doesn’t stop me from loving fully. All, I am saying that you don’t always need to judge your new relationships based on your past experiences.

Choose your comrades wisely

When, I say love truly and madly, I do not ask you to love each and everyone. I have been at a place in my life where I have wanted to please everyone around me. I would think over most of my actions and words while interacting with people around me. Niceness is a great virtue but you also need to think about who you are vesting your time in. The people you choose to nurture love relationships with need to be chosen thoughtfully. You need to focus on the people that bring positivity and happiness to your life.

Love relationships require work and dedication.

Building relationships is like building a castle. Every piece needs to be placed carefully. You need to devote time, patience and respect to each art work to make it beautiful. It is imperative to build a strong foundation that withholds any test. All relationships require love and work. Balance is the key to any relationship you form.


Communication is the key to every aspect of your life. Whether it’s work, your kids, parents, spouse or you, yourself, you need to communicate. It could be discussing the silliest of thought in your head or taking a decision, it always helps me to talk about it. I definitely believe in communicating my wants and wishes along with understanding the wants of people I love. Communication simplifies everything. When I talk about communication, I do not simply refer to talking, it involves, listening, exchange of ideas, assurances and a lot more!!

Often, we know all of this and we just need to hear these again. Sometimes, looking at life from a different person’s glasses helps too. I sincerely hope we all find true love in everything we do and all our love relationships bring out the very best in us!

27 thoughts on “Here is what all love relationships need!

  1. Absolutely agree Samidha. Communication is the key for me too. Without adequate or right communication, you always leave space for misunderstandings. Thank you for your appreciation.

  2. Sabiha, I love the way you pen down your thoughts and share with us. Each and every line is absolutely true. Amongst all the points mentioned above, I believe communication is utmost in every relationship. You express your love, care and dedication until and unless you communicate it.

  3. I think no one can give advice on relationships are every relationship is different! But these key points are truly something that is needed in all kinds of relationships 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Communication is most important not just for love relationships but for any relationship. Loved every word of this write up.

  5. Building relationship is like building castle. Yes we do need to take care of every tiny thing. Without communication there is no relationship. Communication is the key of a healthy relationship.

  6. No two people can be just the same, not even twins. Appreciating each other’s differences and making them our strength can go a long way. Nice blog post!

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