What to do when you are doing nothing?

Sundays and specially weekends are meant for doing nothing. You just want to laze around, surround yourself with solitude and may be even have a cheat meal. We have been accustomed and programmed in a way, where we always have to do something. I have realised every time; I find myself doing nothing for long, panic begins to seep in. I find myself feeling anxious, my heart and my thoughts both begin to start racing at a speed that I rarely can fathom. We have spoken and often heard about finding our moment of calm. Motivational coaches across the world too lay stress on how doing nothing can actually be beneficial for our emotional health.

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So while, you have been doing nothing every once in a while and getting worked up about it. Let me tell you that doing nothing is actually good for you. People often say, “nothing is impossible, but Winnie the Pooh says he does nothing all day!!

Honestly if we are so used to filling and cramming every square of our life with something or the other, that doing nothing can be really bothersome sometimes. So here are few things, I am going to leave you with. You can think over these things and do these things while you plan on doing nothing!!

As millennials having nothing to do sometime on a regular basis can quickly change from keeping our mind calm to certain perplexing thoughts. Hence, while you are taking that well deserved break and realigning your thoughts, do this too!

Life is all about balance. You don't always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it's perfectly ok and absolutely necessary to shut down kick back and do nothing. -Lori Deschenes . . . . #quotes #sayings #proverbs #thoughtoftheday #quoteoftheday #motivational #inspirational #inspire #motivate #quote

Enjoy your surrounding

Often, we when are doing nothing, we are sitting by a window or around nature! Enjoy the fresh air, the greenery and the chirping of the birds. It is when you do this, you realise how the smallest of animals and birds can inspire you to go about your everyday chores!

Maintain a small goal book

Yes, a goal book. You write down your small term goals, mid-term goals and long terms goals. I learnt to do this from my perpetually better half! Doing, this helps you focus on what you want to do right now and stops you from worrying about something that is going to happen later. It helps you concentrate on your own goals and wishes along with focusing on the wishes of your loved ones as well!!

Pen down a letter

 I have done this several times as a teenager. The only difference was that I did it not when I was doing nothing instead did it to express my emotions. As a child and even as an adult when I wasn’t ready to talk about my thoughts or didn’t want my emotions to get to me, I wrote them down. Write a letter to your future self, your spouse or your child. Also, take your time to draft that letter, don’t be in a hurry to finish it.

Forgive someone

 Often, our emotions are related to other people’s emotions. Sometimes the chaos in our lives begins to multiply due to the unattended feelings of the past. So, while you are trying to do nothing and relax, maybe you can try forgiving someone. Forgiveness may not necessarily change your past but it does help you from letting their behaviour affect you!

Don’t let the stress of doing nothing bother you.

As kids, we had recess time at school. At work, we had our break times and for our kids, we always have scheduled nap time. All this points to some, ‘downtime’, we require in our lives, even machines need that, ‘downtime’. There are times, when you have to choose, your time over making money or people over things. You will have days when you will have to miss out on a few things and measure yourself by who you are! So do anything that makes you happy while doing nothing. Talk to a friend, read a book, listen to music, read, sleep or may be even day dream!

I can say this with conviction that while all of this will not happen in a day but if you practice setting out some downtime for yourself and family, it will soon become a habit.

It’s okay to do nothing

“The only way to avoid failure is to sit in a corner and do nothing.”
― Kevin Leman, The Firstborn Advantage: Making Your Birth Order Work for You

26 thoughts on “What to do when you are doing nothing?

  1. I totally understand Avin. It is indeed tough however even if you can manage 10 mins to yourself every day, you will eventually feel better. For us, me time is usually centered around completing our own chores after we are done with motherhood duties but just 10 mins doing nothing will indeed help.

  2. Thank you for your appreciation Mayura. Introspection and meditation are definitely great ways to achieve happiness.
    Yes, doing nothing sometimes is the most difficult thing to do. We are so accustomed to being productive however like you said, a little break does wonders always!

  3. Yes, pausing and paying heed to our own needs is equally relevant. We are so used to doing something
    or the other that doing nothing sometimes is always a blessing!

  4. That is wonderful Hansa. Glad you are taking out time for yourself on a daily basis.

  5. That is wonderful. Sometimes penning down your thoughts helps to clear your mind of things that are bothering you but you are too busy to attend to them.

  6. Reading the heading of your blog made me think, how does someone het time in this hectic lockdown unlock schedule, my bussiness now a days takes a toll on me , but yes I’d love to pen down a letter anytime of the day.

  7. I loved reading this. I have this tme everyday frm 3 to 5 when I dont do anything.i just sit on sofa, think, surf net, watch tv or read book but dont work a bit. I have the entire day to work n these 2 hrs are mine.

  8. Thank YOU for such a gentle reminder. I feel like I had to or needed to read this blog. Off-late life has been crazy. It’s only now that I feel – the need to stop, take a pause and reflect.

  9. Beautifully written post – direct dil se! The art of doing nothing is so difficult to practice. One needs to take a break once in a while and just be…introspection and meditation has allowed me to become a better person. Thank you so much for writing such an amazing post!

  10. Sabiha being a mom of 2 I can only dream of having anyday where I just don’t do anything! But this post reminds me that I have to make these kind of days fo me.

  11. Taking a break is a you need sometimes. Maintaining a goal book or book of positivity helps a lot. And forgiving someone definitely calms your mind and heart.

  12. Thank you Samidha. I too learnt it the hard way, that it is the best for forgive 🙂

  13. Yes totally. I learnt to enjoy nature from my MIL. My mom and she taught me how to find solace in my surroundings.

  14. Thank you. It’s never to late dear. You can definitely start now. Hand written letters are very precious.

  15. Very Well written !! Taking a day break from all the regular work makes us to think and work correctly on the right direction. I really appreaciate all your points, as a principal in college and their motivational speaker too, i too give same suggestion.

  16. Beautiful read.. I remember my mother writing and posting letters to relatives on weekends when I was a kid. I wish I could so same😊

  17. Nice post. You penned down everything so nicely. Yes we do need to have a goal book. I like the point : Enjoy your surrounding. We do need to learn to enjoy our surrounding.

  18. Baaaki sab toh thik hai lekin ye stress vala point ke liye I might need tips 😓

  19. Beautiful post. Especially the point to forgive. It is something very essential to calm ourself and make self grudge free; it is good to forgive..

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