Do you really need Monday motivation to motivate you?

Every Sunday, I think and plan about my Monday. I have varied thoughts about how my Monday should be. There is always a mental to-do list ready for how I will begin and end my Monday. had the same thoughts and feelings last night. I was ready to write off a not so great week to begin my new week on a note of positivity. I had already allotted time slots to all the tasks I wanted to complete on a Monday. Then something happened that usually happens when I have planned too much. The streak in me that leads me to overthinking, decided to take over my sleepy self. I lost all sleep which resulted in me sleeping at 4a.m. On days when I am burning the midnight oil, I am more than pleased with myself, about, effective implementation of certain tasks.

Last night, all I could manage was to twist and turn and drift off to speckled thoughts. Monday morning began with me being sleepy and groggy because I had hardly managed 3.5 hours of sleep. All my plans to start my day on an organised note went kaput. However, I knew that before I was to begin my Monday on a productive note, I had to catch up on my sleep. So, as soon as little one’s online classes were over for the day and I had filled everyone’s tummies, I decided to nap. Oh, I did need that nap to get me to a state where I could align my thoughts easily.

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This particular incident made me wonder, if we really needed a particular day to start. Does the day really have to be great for us to start something or we simply just need to start somewhere to be great.

There are so many messages, forwards, hashtags that get passed around on the concept of Monday Motivation. This concept came into being to tackle the widely known and resonated phenomena, of Monday Blues. However, does starting a trend of #mondaymotivation really spread the needed positivity? Does it really push you beyond your comfort zone and help you restart? Well, I can never really answer that question fully. However, I am aware that emotions are like tiny cells that constantly multiply. They are also like a boomerang; you get what you send out. Much like the philosophy of the renowned book, “The Secret

From a cynical point of view, it may be arguable that a hashtag can start a trend of buoyancy. I personally feel it’s not just about Monday Motivation, it is more about strategizing and starting in an order or a sequence. Monday being the start of the week, helps you to plan ahead and schedule your goals and tasks. There are also some expert views that believe sharing of inspiring comments can have a optimistic impact on your mood. Conversely, I also believe that a chain of positivity doesn’t need a particular day of the week. Positiveness can start any day and at any time!!

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