Easy Meal Ideas to get through the week.

As a mom, I am naturally juggling between things. As a parent I think, our biggest worry is feeding wholesome and nutritious meals to our kids and believe me, when I say that each of us does a brilliant job! I love to eat and you can say I live to eat and when I say that, I love eating the good food and hence it was extremely important for me, that Zayan eats well. And just like mom proposes, child disposes, it turned out that Zayan is a picky eater. Mom has to sneak in vegetables in various forms in his food. When he began school, the relief came in the form of the everyday Menu given for his tiffin.

Monday They are for dosas, uttapas and cheelas.I sometimes make cucumber uttapas or add a few teaspoons of bajra flour to the dosas and top it off with cheese. You can mix in all sorts of millet flours and add grated veggies to make them wholesome and nutritious.

Dosa with other India Food.

They are wheat based days. He carries paranthas on these days. It is favorite way of feeding him veggies. We pick our variations from gobhi, aloo and methi paranthas. You can also add various herbs to it and seasonal vegetables. The stuffing can be prepared overnight and stored too.

This is fruit and cheese day, where he carries multiple fruits and a cheese cube or a cheese slice in his tiffin. I also sometimes add in baby pancakes made with oats, banana and some nuts or simple whole wheat flour pancakes. Drizzle some honey or maple syrup on them and they keep the little ones full for long.

These are sandwich days. We flip flop between jam, cheese, paneer, hung curd, peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches. The mommy also loves grated boiled egg or vegetable sandwich too.

This day is sometimes favorite food day or a fry-day in real sense. We opt for freshly made pooris or pasta. There are so many variations you can make with pooris and pasta if you add pureed vegetables to the pasta sauce or the dough to make pooris. We have tried pumpkin puree, spinach puree and even beetroot puree besides are no flour white sauce pasta. They are always slurped up in a jiffy.

Cutlets, Pooris, Smileys and Fries. So many options!!
So many variations with Pasta too!!

Besides these meals, I also ensure I give him 2 boiled egg whites, atleast thrice a week. I also ensure he eats minimum two fruits a day. We also have milk but not very regularly though. The biggest achievement for us has been no screen time during meals. It is not a very easy task to achieve but we have tried and tried and finally succeeded.

For all the above meal options I have mentioned, I prefer chopping vegetables a night before or prepare purees and store them in advance. It just simply saves on the cooking and preparing time.

Oh! Wait! Well our weekend meals are usually easy one pot meals along with roti and rice. Breakfast is the same for the entire family and we definitely treat ourselves every once in a while to restaurant meals too.

With the holidays just around the nook, I am sure with kids at home, you will want to try out these options!!

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