Great Winter Foods and why you should consume them!

My favorite season is here: Winters! Yayy! Well, it’s a different thing that winters in Mumbai are hardly anything. However, this season still remains my favorite. The chill in the air, the fresh fruits and vegetables, the trendy winter wear clothes, the warm cup of coffee. It all feels like a scene out of a movie, doesn’t it? Well, winter is magical, it brings with it a different kind of cheer and happiness.

For us mums though, every changing weather brings with it, its own list of illnesses. How does one combat these changing weather diseases? There are multiple options available now to boost the immunity of your child. Nutritionists, however, say that the best way to build immunity is through natural foods.

Here is a list of foods that we can add to our winter diet as they have multiple benefits:

Jaggery – It is one of the oldest forms of foods that has been part of the Indian food menu. We, however, seldom use it because of its taste. Jaggery is now available in a powder form as well. It can be used as a substitute for sugar. This food provides warmth to the body in winter and helps you cut down on the intake of calories too.

Green Garlic – One of the best options to spruce up your immunity. We all have heard about the benefits of garlic in curing common colds and coughs. This form of garlic is plucked before it matures into a bulb. It can be used the same way we use spring onions. Chop it to add it to your daals, veggies, rotis, and parathas.

Ginger – The miraculous herb that cures ailments and also reduces inflammation in the body and is also known to enhance the flavor of tea. This spice enhances the flavor of any food, it gets added too.A must have for winters.

Honey – We all know the benefits of honey in curing our regular ailments. It is known to have antibacterial property for your body and skin. The best way to have honey is on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed. Add it to your milk, serve it on pancakes or substitute it with sugar for cakes. 

Cold Coffee – Yes, cold coffee too can help keep you keep warm in winters. This doesn’t mean you can add ice and ice-cream to your coffee. It’s the caffeine content in your coffee that helps you fight the cold.

Amla or Gooseberry – The Indian magical berry that is loaded with Vitamin C, is a great thing to help you ward off infections, constipation, and common colds.

All types of Cauliflower and Green Leafy Vegetables  – Yes include broccoli too in your definition of Gobhi. Consume cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts etc. to help boost immunity in winters. The green leafy vegetables not only boost immunity, they increase the iron content in your body too.

Citrus Fruits – Oranges taste the best in winters and hence a perfect reason for you to consume them in plenty. The Vitamin C and fiber it provides, will surely do wonders for your body. Add in other citrus fruits such as sweet lime, persimmon etc. to your fruit bowl.

Various Flours – This is the season where you can consume various types of rotis made with bajra, ragi,jowar or makka flour. The forever favorite combination food of this weather is Sarso ka Saag and Makke ki roti. These flours help keep your body warm in the cold climate.You can even make crispies, flours, fritters, pancakes and cookies out of different flours. One such recipe is here

Turmeric  – We all know the benefits of the golden latte aka Haldi Doodh is the miraculous drink that not only provides warm to your body but also cures many ailments. You can add the fresh root of turmeric in your daal and vegetables to enhance the flavor and provide the required nutrition.

There are multiple everyday fruits and vegetables we tend to ignore because we are used to certain food routine. It is best to add all sorts of fruits and vegetables to your diet. The best way to consume veggies is to turn them into a pav bhaji. I say so is because I tend to add peas, beans, pumpkin, some spinach as well to the bhaji. It’s a big hit in the family. You can even make a nice colorful puree of some boiled vegetables , saute it and add it boiled pasta, a hit with the kids too.

Go try out your variations in food and share them here or tag me on Instagram : musingsoftheheartandsoul is my ID.

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